Audio Tour – Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

Today we heard and saw the audio tour of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. It was a great tour that used tiny iPods to direct you to many pieces of art. One of the pieces of art was a pair of sculptures called Faribolus and Percival of 2 people who looked like they were dancing. They both looked very happy and their colors were red, white, black, and blue. There was a painting called Rite Of Passage Two. The frame was completely circular and inside there was a sailboat with two people on it. The sky was cool because it looks like the painter threw paint at the canvas. In a sense it made it look more realistic because the two colors were white and blue. If he painted the sky blue and splattered white, the clouds would look more realistic. Another piece called Night Wave: Moon was just black. It was made of discarded wood from buildings before it that were in the same place. The next sculpture is called Personage which was a sculpture of a person who from one side looked like a man and from the other side looked like a woman. The second to final piece was called The Coloured Gates of Louisville, a bunch of 10 cars. They were very colorful and crushed into one big display of amazing art. Then there was a black and red sculpture called the Red Feather that looked like a bird or a giraffe and was made of metal with nuts and bolts holding it together.

The people who were talking during the audio tour were Rylee, Brooklyn, and Logan. All three kids go to Lincoln Elementary which is the only elementary performing arts school in the state of Kentucky, which is pretty awesome. Also, Lincoln is the summer home of StageOne camps where you can learn things like stage combat so you can pretend fight your brother so your mom won’t know whether or not to yell at you.

This was a cool experience that we hope you can see and hear. This is also a stop on the 2015 Cultural Pass, and you should definitely get started on yours because there’s even more to do this summer!

Turtle and Moose


StageOne’s Production of “And In This Corner…Cassius Clay”

This was an awesome play about Cassius Clay, more widely known as Muhammad Ali. Here is a short summary of the beginning of the play. Cassius Clay, played by Justin Cornwell, starts out as a kid who plays around a lot. After somebody steals his bicycle, Cassius reports it to the police. Joe Martin, a policeman played by William McNulty, encourages Cassius to start boxing. Because Cassius said he was fast, Joe thought he had potential. Cassius wins his first amateur fight and next fights a bully, played by Robert N. Issac. After that, he goes to the Olympics. Will he win the gold? Go see the play and find out! The actors were great and they played their parts really well. My favorite character was Rudy, played by Crystian Wiltshire, because he was funny and cool. Also, I am partial to little brothers since I am one. He was very helpful to Cassius Clay by giving him confidence. I also liked Joe Martin because he was a strong, hard-working person who expected a lot of the people around him. My favorite part was the stage fighting when they were boxing because it looked cool and real. The lighting was awesome because it had a part were it got really bright right before the 3rd round of his first amateur fight. This was great play that you should see. Also you should be sure to see the other plays on the StageOne Family Pass.


StageOne’s The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Today we went to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at the Kentucky Center. The play was made by StageOne Family Theatre. It was wonderful and we loved everything about it – the sets, the characters, the play, and the acting and so much more. There was a newspaper program that had lots of suggestions in it about reviewing a show and we used some of them for our review.

We have read the book on which the play is based and it has a scene in it about a woodhouse burning down. The play didn’t have that scene but it doesn’t really take anything from the play. It is kind of like an extra thing – a bonus scene – in the book. We think the set is very important because it expresses ideas in a way an actor cannot. For instance, while the Herdmans are poorly behaved pretty much everywhere, the fact that they were being so bad in church really shocked everybody else. The costumes are important because they help express things in a different way as well. They help express who a character is – making the difference between the Herdmans and a the rest of kids, for example. We liked how the actors delivered their lines very comically. “Out of the black night with horrible vengeance the Mighty Marvo!” really made us laugh. There were lots of significant gestures and movements that added to the play’s meaning. For example, the Herdmans were always sitting like they were bored – every second they weren’t fighting that is! The lighting certainly contributed to the mood or the setting of the show as well. There were lots of different times when the lights came up and highlighted the narrator or the women’s society. We thought this was good because it made the scene distinct from the main church and home set and it made the play easier to follow.

We had many favorites in the play. Our favorite character was Leroy. He was very funny and all like “What ‘ya gonna do ’bout it?” One of our favorite scenes was the rehearsal scene because the Herdmans were so poorly behaved that they never go to do an entire show run-through. Another favorite scene was the pageant because the acting in the pageant itself was very good and we like when there is a show within a show. We liked the set which was basically the Bradley’s house and the church combined into one. The lighting helped make it easy to see when the set was each scene.

This was a cool play and we really think that you should come and see it. The next public shows are December 6th and 20th at 2 and 5 PM each day.

Merry Christmas,

Turtle and Moose

StageOne’s Petite Rouge

Today we went to StageOne Family Theater’s production of Petite Rouge at the Kentucky Center. It was very interesting. It’s like Little Red Riding Hood except it’s a Cajun version. This was an amazing play. Our favorite characters were Claude the Alligator because he was a gourmet cook and Te-Jean because of his personality of not getting into trouble. The setting was in the bayou near New Orleans. The costumes were all very cool and the gators costumes were shiny. The makeup really helped us see which character was which.

Another cool thing about the play was the set. It was really great. The background kept changing colors from orange to purple to light blue. We thought that that made it look more eerie. There was a tree that was very easy to climb on. At the top it was shaped to be very easy to sit in. There was a little cottage that had many uses. It was Petite Rouge’s home and her grandma’s house and an exit for the stage. There were blue ramps that were good for changing the setting and acted as a bed for the grandma. There was a revolve that Te Jean (pronounced tae zan) used kind of like a boat.

In the show program there are two cool recipes that we are going to try, stay tuned. This is the first time that we have been to a StageOne play since we have been blogging. In fact, somebody that works at StageOne gave us the idea of starting our blog! (Thanks Ms. Talleri) This was a very great play and we think that you should go see Petite Rouge and the rest of their plays which are The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, And in This Corner… Cassius Clay, and Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse.

By Turtle and Moose

StageOne Camps!

(I am writing because I got my registration for a StageOne Family Theatre DramaWorks Camp at Lincoln Performing Arts School)

I went to a StageOne Camp last year and it was AWESOME!!!!! They have great teachers like Ms. Talleri and Ms. Linsey. What I liked about camp was you got to play lots of games and learn a lot of things about DRAMA!!! One of the things you learn in camp is working together. I practiced this by playing a game where you mirror each other’s actions. Another lesson was raising your imagination beyond its limits. Last summer I was a detective, an astronaut, and a superhero!!! I can’t wait for camp this year!

By Moose