The Muhammad Ali Center

Hello! It’s Turtle and Moose again and we’d like to share an amazing place on the Louisville Cultural Pass. It’s the Muhammad Ali Center. It was an awesome space and had lots of fun and cool info.

Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky January 17, 1942 and was named Cassius Clay when he was born. He lived in segregated times and didn’t like it. He wanted show other people that segregation is bad and at the age of 12 was determined to win the heavyweight boxing championship. Little did he know that he would win three! In his career he only lost five times and was a torchbearer in the 1996 Olympics. After he won the heavyweight title the first time, he converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. He devoted his life to peace and when he was drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, he refused to enlist and was stripped of his heavyweight title. He was convicted of draft evasion and wasn’t allowed to box anymore. He eventually had the conviction overturned by the Supreme Court and was allowed to fight again. After he retired, he spent his life going from country to country helping people. He developed serious Parkinson’s disease in 1981. He died June 3, 2016.

One of the coolest things of the Muhammad Ali Center is the ride up the escalator because it is the 2nd tallest in Kentucky. It also had many words for welcome in lots of different languages. There was an introduction movie about Muhammad Ali and his life which was very moving and inspiring. The next area talked about how he also helped a lot in the Civil Rights movement because he wasn’t afraid to speak out in public. He was one of the main contributors to the movement and drew many pieces depicting the terrible things that happened to African-Americans.

Another room had lots of screens where you could watch fights from Muhammad Ali’s career like Ali against George Foreman or Sonny Liston. Another cool thing was the fighting center. There were 4 items in that area. They had a speed bag that you punch in tune with beats, a punching bag that bounces to you when you punch it, a shadow area where you copy the moves of The Greatest, and a boxing ring where you learn boxing moves.

This was a really fun place to be in and explore and we hope you can come see it. Remember that this is on the Cultural Pass. If you go to 8 places on the pass you get to be entered for many different prizes.


Moose and Turtle


StageOne’s Production of “And In This Corner…Cassius Clay”

This was an awesome play about Cassius Clay, more widely known as Muhammad Ali. Here is a short summary of the beginning of the play. Cassius Clay, played by Justin Cornwell, starts out as a kid who plays around a lot. After somebody steals his bicycle, Cassius reports it to the police. Joe Martin, a policeman played by William McNulty, encourages Cassius to start boxing. Because Cassius said he was fast, Joe thought he had potential. Cassius wins his first amateur fight and next fights a bully, played by Robert N. Issac. After that, he goes to the Olympics. Will he win the gold? Go see the play and find out! The actors were great and they played their parts really well. My favorite character was Rudy, played by Crystian Wiltshire, because he was funny and cool. Also, I am partial to little brothers since I am one. He was very helpful to Cassius Clay by giving him confidence. I also liked Joe Martin because he was a strong, hard-working person who expected a lot of the people around him. My favorite part was the stage fighting when they were boxing because it looked cool and real. The lighting was awesome because it had a part were it got really bright right before the 3rd round of his first amateur fight. This was great play that you should see. Also you should be sure to see the other plays on the StageOne Family Pass.