Louisville Ballet’s Lady Lear

Hi! It’s Turtle and Moose and we went to see Lady Lear. It was a great tragedy performed by the Louisville Ballet. The only thing we were disappointed about was that this is the last play for Kentucky Shakespeare’s 57th season.

One of our favorite characters is Poor Tom because she is kind and fearless from when we first see her until the play ends. She is willing to do anything to help Lady Lear and Kentster. Another one of our favorite characters is Cornelius. He is full of heart and valor and is a model citizen of Shakespeare times. It showed in his dancing, like he is the best possible person that you would ever meet.

One of our favorite scenes is when Fanny gets killed because the fight scenes are very well choreographed. But it is sad to see the most innocent character in the play get killed. Another one of our favorite scenes is the storm because of all of the dancers that are perfectly in sync like the world revolving around the sun and the moon revolving around the Earth. The umbrellas are a nice touch and we love how it actually seems like a storm and we can feel an anger that was radiating in the hearts of the dancers, because storms seem pretty mad all of the time.

When Lear gets her family to come to her house, she asks them who loves her most. Goneril and Regan profess false love and Cornelius, not wanting to appear false, says nothing and is banished from his home. The other brothers conspire against Lear to get more land and would have succeeded if not for that lousy Poor Tom. How does she save the day? Find out in Lady Lear.

This is a great dance performance by the Louisville Ballet and we hope that you come see it. It is the final performance on the season punch card and if you have gone to every show you will get a special prize! This is also on the Cultural Pass so come see it before it’s too late!

Turtle and Moose


Savage Rose’s Production of King Lear

Wednesday we went to Savage Rose’s production of King Lear at the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival and it was cool. Here is a short summery of the beginning of the play. King Lear had a contest to find who loved him the most and the winner would get the most land. The most favored to win, Cordelia, became banished because she would not profess her love in a flowery way. The other two daughters, Regan and Goneril, split the whole land equally. But then everyone finds out the two other daughters are EVIL!!!!! They were awful to their father, the king. They had really mean expressions when they were plotting; we really believed them. One of our favorite characters was Edgar when he was pretending to be Tom because the things he says are funny. Another of our favorite characters was the Fool because he made really funny remarks and he could talk back to the king without getting in trouble. One of our favorite scenes was contest to see who would get the most land because it was very surprising. Another one of our favorite scenes was the fight scene because it was very well coordinated and the deaths seemed so realistic. We think this is another great play you should come and see.

By Moose and Turtle