Kentucky Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing

Hello, we are Turtle and Moose – back for the 2017 season of Kentucky Shakespeare. We saw the amazing comedy that is Much Ado about Nothing. The play opens with the Prince of Aragon having defeated his brother Don John and to celebrate the Prince and some of his men, Claudio and Benedick, went to masked ball held by the governor. Claudio, having seen the daughter of the governor, Hero, before going off to war and now returned, was now in love with Hero.  The Prince helped Claudio secure an engagement with Hero and they planned to be married the next week. Benedick’s friends tried to get him engaged with Beatrice, the governor’s niece and cousin of Hero, despite the constant snarky banter between Benedick and Beatrice. The plan was to get Benedick’s friends to talk of Beatrice loving Benedick and vice versa. Will Benedick and Beatrice fall for each other? Or while the plan crumble at its foundations. What will happen to Claudio and Hero – find out in Much Ado about Nothing!  One of our favorite characters was Benedick because he was a very sarcastic and cuttingly witty, but equally funny. Our other favorite character was Don John because he was an evil mastermind with a clever plan to stop love. One of our favorite scenes was when Benedick’s friends were talking and saying that Beatrice loved Benedick because it was hilarious to see Benedick try to hide in various places when they knew he was there the entire time. Our other favorite scene was the wedding because it was happy to see everyone be happy. Go see the show to see who gets married! We very highly recommend this show – it is truly wonderful.

Much Ado about Nothing runs every day except Monday now through Sunday, June 11th and then as part of the rotating repertoire July 12th through the 22nd. Kentucky Shakespeare is also part of the Louisville Cultural Pass which officially kicks off June 3rd through August 12th.

We’ve created a Google calendar of events for the Cultural Pass this summer so it’s easy to see what activities are available each day from June3rd to August 12th. Feel free to link to it and any corrections can be emailed to us at


StageOne’s Petite Rouge

Today we went to StageOne Family Theater’s production of Petite Rouge at the Kentucky Center. It was very interesting. It’s like Little Red Riding Hood except it’s a Cajun version. This was an amazing play. Our favorite characters were Claude the Alligator because he was a gourmet cook and Te-Jean because of his personality of not getting into trouble. The setting was in the bayou near New Orleans. The costumes were all very cool and the gators costumes were shiny. The makeup really helped us see which character was which.

Another cool thing about the play was the set. It was really great. The background kept changing colors from orange to purple to light blue. We thought that that made it look more eerie. There was a tree that was very easy to climb on. At the top it was shaped to be very easy to sit in. There was a little cottage that had many uses. It was Petite Rouge’s home and her grandma’s house and an exit for the stage. There were blue ramps that were good for changing the setting and acted as a bed for the grandma. There was a revolve that Te Jean (pronounced tae zan) used kind of like a boat.

In the show program there are two cool recipes that we are going to try, stay tuned. This is the first time that we have been to a StageOne play since we have been blogging. In fact, somebody that works at StageOne gave us the idea of starting our blog! (Thanks Ms. Talleri) This was a very great play and we think that you should go see Petite Rouge and the rest of their plays which are The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, And in This Corner… Cassius Clay, and Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse.

By Turtle and Moose