CenterStage’s West Side Story

Hello! It’s Turtle and Moose and we went to see West Side Story by CenterStage at the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival. It is an amazing play and it is based on Romeo and Juliet. It also happens to be a musical.

Here’s the plot of the beginning of the play. On the West Side of New York in the 1950’s there are two gangs – the Sharks and the Jets. They hate each other because the Jets feel like the Sharks are trying to take over their territory and the Sharks feel like they are picked on for who they are by the Jets. After the two gangs get in a street fight, Officer Krupke breaks it up and they all run off. It’s war between the two gangs! Tony, a Jet who is trying to get out of the gang, meets Maria, the sister of the leader of the Sharks, and they fall in love. The Jets challenge the Sharks to a fight under the highway and the Sharks agree. What will happen in the fight that must be stopped? How will Maria’s and Tony’s love play out? Find out in West side Story.

Our first favorite character is Maria, played by Kate Welsh, because she is so willing to let Tony, played by Andrew Newton, into her life even though he is a Jet. She is also an amazing singer and dancer. Our other favorite character is Riff, played by Mitch Donahue, because he is a creative character who leads the Jets. He never lets go of what he believes in for the Jets but he also listens to Tony to try to keep things under control.

Our first favorite scene is a back alley scene with the Officer Krupke song. It is cool to see what the gangs think about themselves and how Officer Krupke is mistreating them. Our other favorite scene is when they have the dance. The song is called Dance at the Gym. We like how they are all having a good time but as the dance goes on the gangs are still competing with each other. The scene is really well done and beautiful. It was also cool to see Anxious, played by Tyler Rosenblatt, try to break up the fights.

West Side Story plays through August 7th and then the summer season finishes August 10th-14th with Shakespeare in Dance by the Louisville Ballet. Remember that this is also a Louisville Cultural Pass event and the pass ends August 6th.

Turtle and Moose

CenterStage’s Once on This Island

We went to CenterStage’s production of Once on This Island. It was an outstanding performance about 4 gods who tell a story about a celebration of life. One of our favorite characters was Papa Ge, the god of death played by Alonzo Richmond because he was a big part in the play and made Ti Moune make hard decisions. Our other favorite character was Daniel, played by Alfred Jones, Jr., because he had nice voice and was great at dancing, but we think Daniel was kind of evil or something because of how he treated Ti Moune. We thought Jones played the part very well. Our favorite part was when Ti Moune, played by Ciera Richmond, danced with Daniel. The movements of the dance were slow and graceful and then because very quick and energetic. Our favorite costume was Agwe’s because it looked like the ocean with aquamarine and blue. Turtle says that as a turtle he really has to like it. We also just have to talk about the lighting. It was always changing colors and it looked amazing. Our favorite part of the lighting was during most of the songs. It would go light blue, light green, light yellow, dark blue and it looked amazing together in the songs. Here is a short summery of the beginning of the play. There is a big storm and a girl somehow gets stuck in a tree. They think of taking her out and raising her, think better of it, then finally change their minds again and raise her. The two parents called the girl Ti Moune. She was very curious. She finds a person in a car accident and decides to care for him until the father goes to the hotel where the boy lives and they take him back. But the girl wants to go with Daniel, will she go or not? This was a great play that we think you should go and see.

By Turtle & Moose