Globe Players’ As You Like It

Hello! I went to see the Globe Players’ As You Like It at the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival. It was a really good play and I enjoyed it a lot.

The play opens with Duke Senior being banished by his brother Duke Fredrick. Senior escapes to the Forest of Arden, while his daughter Rosalind stays at the court with her cousin Celia. Orlando tries to leave his unfair brother Oliver by trying to get his share of the fortune. Orlando and Rosalind meet and fall in love. Duke Fredrick banishes Rosalind. Rosalind (disguised as a boy named Ganymede), Celia (disguised as Aliena – sister of Ganymede), and Touchstone the fool leave to find Rosalind’s father in the Forest of Arden.

When they get to Arden they discover that someone has been posting love poems on trees and it turns out to be Orlando. Orlando meets Ganymede and Ganymede makes him act like he is Rosalind to cure his love for her. But for the other characters there is also love. A shepherd named Silvius loves Phoebe who is, in turn, in love with Ganymede. Celia falls in love with Aliena (that’s coincidental) and even Touchstone falls in love with Audrey. Soon Ganymede tries to fix up everything. He asks Phoebe if she will marry Silvius. Phoebe agrees so on the wedding day Ganymede reveals that she is Rosalind. She marries Orlando, Touchstone marries Audrey, Oliver marries Celia and Phoebe marries Silvius and all live happily ever after.

My favorite costume was Charles because he wore red and black shoulder pads with spikes. He also had a manager and an entourage. A really cool thing was all the singing and music. There were electric guitars, guitars, cello, and a banjo. There was also a really amazing dance scene at the end that was really well choreographed. My favorite character was Touchstone because he was funny and like everyone else was also in love. My favorite scene was the Charles wrestling scene because it was in fun to see Charles and Orlando.

Remember that Kentucky Shakespeare is on the Louisville Cultural Pass which is over this coming Saturday. There are two more shows in the park this summer – West Side Story and Shakespeare in Dance.



Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble’s production of As You Like It

Yesterday we went to see As You Like It at the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival and it was a very interesting play. Here is a short summary of the beginning. Charles the Wrestler (played by Kyle Ware), wrestled Orlando (played by Tony Dingman), the youngest son of the duke that wasn’t banished but isn’t the ruler. Orlando likes Rosalind (played by Heather Burns) and Rosalind likes Orlando. Rosalind, who is the daughter of the banished duke, was banished by the new duke and she runs away with her cousin, Celia (played by Abigail Bailey Maupin), who is the daughter of the new duke and Rosalind best friend. Touchstone (played by Greg Maupin), a fool, goes with them. Orlando ran away because the new duke wanted to kill him by having him wrestle Charles. He brought an old man with him that was played by a puppet.

One of our favorite scenes was when Rosalind decided to disguise herself so she wouldn’t get caught because it was clever. Another favorite scene was the wrestling scene because it was funny how the actors chased all over the stage and in and out of doors. We also liked the scene where they rhymed words with Rosalind in funny ways. Our favorite actor was Greg Maupin because we thought he played the piano and all of his other characters that include Touchstone and Jaques really well. Almost everyone in the play wore masks to show different characters because there were 6 actors and 20 characters. Some of the masks were on poles so an actor could talk to himself with different masks. This was really cool and really well done. There are a bunch of couples that have to work really hard to get married and the grown-ups seemed to really think that was really funny – you know how group-ups are! To top it all off we want to say that this very good play and we really think you should go see it because it’s very interesting. And don’t forget that the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival is part of the Louisville Cultural Pass!

By Turtle and Moose