Hello ā€“ this is Moose and Turtle and we have decided that since we have been working on our blog for more than three years it is time to update our bios.

As a moose, I like leaves, acting, music, dance, and having fun. And, oh, I almost forgot more leaves. I am now twelve years old and doing the blog has been really fun.

I, Turtle, love theatre, dance, singing, all the other performing arts, visual art, marine biology, and engineering. I am also 12, and writing a blog has been, and always will be a great experience for me and is really awesome.



  1. Hey Moose & Turtle…I love your blog! Thanks for recommending Bernheim…I was working with the cattails on the day that you were there & I am glad you liked our Discovery Stations…please come back soon, the turtles love to be fed šŸ˜€
    I can’t wait to check out some of the other places that you have been!
    Keep up the good work & hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!
    Ms S

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