The Speed Art Museum

Hello! This is Turtle and Moose reporting almost live at the Speed Art Museum. We were at the 2016 public opening of the Speed today. After more than 3 years of endless waiting (only mitigated by trips to the Local Speed) it’s finally here! The opening was 10 AM Saturday and the party ends at 4 PM Sunday. They say its 30 hours but we think its 29 because of Daylight Savings Time.

First we went to new and improved Art Sparks. At one table we made paper quilt squares. All you did was get one large piece of paper and glue smaller squares or triangles on top of it. It looked very cool and you could make very intricate designs. Then you could add your quilt block to the community quilt on the wall in the next room. Next up was making postcards. It was very simple but fun. You drew your design on the postcard, stuck it in an envelope and you could mail it to whomever you like. They had stencils of the new Speed Art Museum logo to put on the cards too. After that was making music with fruits. It worked because when you put a computer, a fruit, and wires together you got an almost complete circuit. If you put your hand on one of the wires and touched a fruit you got a complete circuit – or citrus depending on your fruit (pun VERY intended). With a complete circuit you got music. There was an area of Art Sparks devoted to art with light. It was very cool. You could go inside a special room and project your image or you could draw using a light pen. There was a lot more in that room but it would take up about 125.7 pages of awesome.

Now it is time for the rest of this giant building and its artwork. There was a bridge that you could see through and a cool stairway. There were 3 elevators in neon green, neon blue and hot pink. The freight elevator was bright yellow. Some of our favorite pieces were a giant 3D sculpture made of cubes. The center cube had a volume of 125 cubes. The cubes got smaller outward in 4 directions until they all reached a volume of 1 cube. There was a giant piece of cloth draped across half the room. Also there was a canvas with weird glass that made cool shadows and it stuck out. There was a Volkswagen Beetle made out of cloth that looked really cool. There was a yellow bowl that if you looked at from the forward view it was a circle but if you look at it from an angle you can tell it’s a bowl.

We saw a piano performance by Rachel Grimes who is a pianist and a composer. Then we saw Kentucky Shakespeare do a two-player performance of Romeo and Juliet. In addition to a great play we learned about better ways to resolve conflict than fighting. The audience was able to join in as extra characters. Then we did a STEAM project with the Louisville Free Public Library where you made a doodlebug – a thing that draws random lines. You made it by using a motor, a battery, and a cork to make the moving part then you added markers and a paper cup to make the body then you attached them with tape so you could now draw with it. So that was our trip to the Speed Museum and the opening party will still be open until 4 PM March 13.

We saw many famous people there like Mayor Abramson, Mayor Fisher, JCPS Superintendent Hargens, and the Louisville Orchestra conductor Teddy Abrams. We also saw great people from the Speed and friends from school! It was great to see so many people out supporting the arts and it was even better to have the Speed Museum back open again!

Moose and Turtle



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