Chasing Ophelia

Hello! Last night we went to see Chasing Ophelia presented by The Bard’s Town Theatre as part of the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival. It was a very great play. It had references to a lot of others plays like Hamlet, Macbeth, Midsummer’s Night Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and the Pirates of Penzance. Our brother, Orangutan, knows many more references that are not Shakespearian.

One of our favorite characters is Ned Mark because he is funny. We especially liked it when a wall fell over because he tried to fix it. Another one of our favorite characters was Joseph because he was kind of a smart aleck but in the non-annoying way.

One of our favorite scenes was the Hamlet fight because it was funny what it turned into instead of a fight. Another one of our favorite scenes was the beginning scene because it was fun to see how Ned reacted to his new surroundings and how he dealt with Joseph.

Here is a summary of the beginning of the play. First, Ned Mark finds himself in an unusual place. He tries to find his purpose but cannot. Then he meets his girlfriend Joy and she runs off. Ned really wants to see her and goes after her despite Joseph’s warnings. Will Ned and Joy make it out alive? Will Joseph come to stop them? Will Ned and Joy find their true purpose? Find out by watching Chasing Ophelia.

This is a really cool play and we hope you see it. It is part of the Community Partners’ Week and the Kentucky Shakespeare Passport that if you complete you will get an amazing water bottle. It is also on the Louisville Cultural Pass. This play will be playing again tonight and The Two Lobbyists of Verona will be showing this Saturday and Sunday. The last day for the Cultural Pass is also today.

Turtle and Moose


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