Theatre [502]’s The Two Lobbyists of Verona

Hello! We went to see THE WORLD PREMIERE of The Two Lobbyists of Verona by Theatre [502]. This is one of two plays for the community partners’ week of the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival. It is amazing!

Here is a short summary of the play: First there is a large hurricane that damages most of Verona, Kentucky. After the hurricane a lobbyist named Xander Blackmore and his assistant Mabel came to Verona. They say that there is a large amount of oil under a plot of land and that no one knows who owns it. Then they all find out that the owner of the land is James Fortune, the uncle of Katie Connelly. Will Mabel and Mr. Blackmore frack Verona? Will there be a fight over the land? Will we stop saying will? Is it still cheating when a teacher cheats? Answer 3/4 of these questions by watching Two Lobbyists of Verona.

Our first favorite scene was the first storm scene; we liked how teenage reporter Peggy Boatswain, played by Andrea Lowry, reported on the hurricane and how beach balls and fish were being thrown at her. We liked how it was a serious moment that was really funny. Another one of our favorite scenes was the tour scene because you got to imagine what the World of Will looked like.

Our first favorite character was Xander Blackmore, played by Micheal Drury. We liked his sense of humor. Also we like how he thinks differently then most other characters in the play. We also liked how he was cunning and sneaky. Our other favorite character was Virgil Stubbs, played by Lucas Adams, because he was a very funny lawyer with a desire to be an actor.

There were a lot of references in the play to Shakespeare plays like Hamlet, Macbeth, The Tempest, and Taming of the Shrew. Can you find them all? This was a great play we hope you can go see. It only shows two more times, Saturday and Sunday nights. Remember that Shakespeare in the Park is also part of the Louisville Cultural Pass.

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