Riverside – The Farnsley-Moremen Landing

Hello! We went to Riverside – The Farnsley Moremen Landing. It was a great place. On the first floor there are 2 doors in the same room. Above the entrance to the back side of the house were the stairs. There was a contraption hanging from the stairs that held the door and it was really cool. To the left of the front door was Mr. Farnsley’s bedroom. It was light blue with a bed, a desk, and some windows. The room across that was the parlor. It had a checkerboard made of wood pieces from a tree, some chairs, and a fireplace. The dining room had a table, dishes, forks, knifes, cabinets, napkins, mirrors and candles for light since there was only one small window. However, there were no spoons; apparently Mr. Farnsley didn’t use them. The upstairs had 3 rooms. The men’s bedroom had a bed and a take-apart dresser. The woman’s bedroom had a bed, another take-apart dresser, and some other dressers. Finally there was the woman and children’s bedroom with some dolls, other toys, and 2 beds.

We also were able to dig like archaeologists. We used mini shovels and used the side of the shovels to clear out a level layer. We found pieces of bricks, glass, plates, an animal bone, and coal. We learned to sift rocks and how to use a magnet to tell metal from rock.

This was a very great place and we hope you come see it. It is another place on the Louisville Cultural Pass.

Turtle and Moose


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