The Globe Players’ The Comedy of Errors

Last night we went to see The Comedy of Errors by the Globe Players at Shakespeare in the Park. It was a great comedy and we liked it very much. The play starts with a boy playing with a trunk and whenever he opens it, music comes out. He climbs into the trunk and when he climbs back out, the play has started. Aegeon, an old merchant from Syracuse, is caught in Ephesus and will be executed unless he can pay 1000 marks. Aegeon explains that he was in Ephesus looking for his son Antipholus and his son’s servant Dromio. It turns out that his son and his son’s servant are each actually identical twins and his other son and his servant were separated because of shipwreck and lost with Aegeon’s wife. It turns out that both sets of twins are running around Ephesus. Will Aegeon live? Will the sets of twins ever meet? Will there be a case of identity theft? You only have two more performances to find out!

One of our favorite scenes was the trunk scene because Officer 3 (who wasn’t really an officer) was running from the other officers and hid in a truck that made music. Officer 3, played by Collin Landrum, was very clever and knew how to hide from the police. Another favorite scene was the final scene when the two Dromios, played by Kate Barnett and Bailey Lomax, mocked each other. It was really funny. The Dromios did a lot of physical comedy and they did it really well.

This was a really cool play and we hope you can see it. It plays again tonight and Sunday. Shakespeare in the Part is part of the Louisville Cultural Pass and if you get your Shakespeare card punched for seeing each of the shows, you could win a prize. Don’t miss it!

Turtle and Moose


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