Chasing Ophelia

Hello! Last night we went to see Chasing Ophelia presented by The Bard’s Town Theatre as part of the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival. It was a very great play. It had references to a lot of others plays like Hamlet, Macbeth, Midsummer’s Night Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and the Pirates of Penzance. Our brother, Orangutan, knows many more references that are not Shakespearian.

One of our favorite characters is Ned Mark because he is funny. We especially liked it when a wall fell over because he tried to fix it. Another one of our favorite characters was Joseph because he was kind of a smart aleck but in the non-annoying way.

One of our favorite scenes was the Hamlet fight because it was funny what it turned into instead of a fight. Another one of our favorite scenes was the beginning scene because it was fun to see how Ned reacted to his new surroundings and how he dealt with Joseph.

Here is a summary of the beginning of the play. First, Ned Mark finds himself in an unusual place. He tries to find his purpose but cannot. Then he meets his girlfriend Joy and she runs off. Ned really wants to see her and goes after her despite Joseph’s warnings. Will Ned and Joy make it out alive? Will Joseph come to stop them? Will Ned and Joy find their true purpose? Find out by watching Chasing Ophelia.

This is a really cool play and we hope you see it. It is part of the Community Partners’ Week and the Kentucky Shakespeare Passport that if you complete you will get an amazing water bottle. It is also on the Louisville Cultural Pass. This play will be playing again tonight and The Two Lobbyists of Verona will be showing this Saturday and Sunday. The last day for the Cultural Pass is also today.

Turtle and Moose


Theatre [502]’s The Two Lobbyists of Verona

Hello! We went to see THE WORLD PREMIERE of The Two Lobbyists of Verona by Theatre [502]. This is one of two plays for the community partners’ week of the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival. It is amazing!

Here is a short summary of the play: First there is a large hurricane that damages most of Verona, Kentucky. After the hurricane a lobbyist named Xander Blackmore and his assistant Mabel came to Verona. They say that there is a large amount of oil under a plot of land and that no one knows who owns it. Then they all find out that the owner of the land is James Fortune, the uncle of Katie Connelly. Will Mabel and Mr. Blackmore frack Verona? Will there be a fight over the land? Will we stop saying will? Is it still cheating when a teacher cheats? Answer 3/4 of these questions by watching Two Lobbyists of Verona.

Our first favorite scene was the first storm scene; we liked how teenage reporter Peggy Boatswain, played by Andrea Lowry, reported on the hurricane and how beach balls and fish were being thrown at her. We liked how it was a serious moment that was really funny. Another one of our favorite scenes was the tour scene because you got to imagine what the World of Will looked like.

Our first favorite character was Xander Blackmore, played by Micheal Drury. We liked his sense of humor. Also we like how he thinks differently then most other characters in the play. We also liked how he was cunning and sneaky. Our other favorite character was Virgil Stubbs, played by Lucas Adams, because he was a very funny lawyer with a desire to be an actor.

There were a lot of references in the play to Shakespeare plays like Hamlet, Macbeth, The Tempest, and Taming of the Shrew. Can you find them all? This was a great play we hope you can go see. It only shows two more times, Saturday and Sunday nights. Remember that Shakespeare in the Park is also part of the Louisville Cultural Pass.

Turtle and Moose

Riverside – The Farnsley-Moremen Landing

Hello! We went to Riverside – The Farnsley Moremen Landing. It was a great place. On the first floor there are 2 doors in the same room. Above the entrance to the back side of the house were the stairs. There was a contraption hanging from the stairs that held the door and it was really cool. To the left of the front door was Mr. Farnsley’s bedroom. It was light blue with a bed, a desk, and some windows. The room across that was the parlor. It had a checkerboard made of wood pieces from a tree, some chairs, and a fireplace. The dining room had a table, dishes, forks, knifes, cabinets, napkins, mirrors and candles for light since there was only one small window. However, there were no spoons; apparently Mr. Farnsley didn’t use them. The upstairs had 3 rooms. The men’s bedroom had a bed and a take-apart dresser. The woman’s bedroom had a bed, another take-apart dresser, and some other dressers. Finally there was the woman and children’s bedroom with some dolls, other toys, and 2 beds.

We also were able to dig like archaeologists. We used mini shovels and used the side of the shovels to clear out a level layer. We found pieces of bricks, glass, plates, an animal bone, and coal. We learned to sift rocks and how to use a magnet to tell metal from rock.

This was a very great place and we hope you come see it. It is another place on the Louisville Cultural Pass.

Turtle and Moose

The 21C Museum

Today we went to the 21C Museum it was really cool. We saw really cool art, illusions, and videos. It was really fun. When we walked in the door we got really cool penguin tattoos that were red and magenta. There is a room on the first floor with 14 TVs each TV was broadcasting a person making bird noises. It was very unique. There was an amazing penguin statue of a red penguin. I liked how the penguin was made and how its features were very precise. We really liked a tub of green objects that ironically were not environmentally friendly.

This is a really cool place and we hope you will come see it. It is on the Louisville Cultural Pass and is also a hotel, so if you’re out of town and love art than this place is for you.


The Local Speed

We went to the Local Speed. It was a really fun place. There was an activity where we drew a picture in 2 dimensions on a piece of paper and then used pipe cleaners to make a sculpture in 3-D of the drawing and put it on a foam stand. They also had building blocks, drawing easels, puzzles, and a match game. Next week the Local Speed will have a new exhibition. The Speed does cool art activities like that almost every Saturday. This was a very cool place we hope you come see and it is also on the Louisville Cultural Pass.


The Carnegie Center of Art and History

Hello! We went to the Carnegie Center of Art and History. It was a really fun place. The gallery had an exhibition on portraits by David Iacovazzi-Pau. The portraits were really impressive. We also got to make a portrait of someone we know and made a sketch on a pad. We also watched a video about ordinary people dealing with slavery in New Albany and how a man named Jacob Cummings ran away from his owner using the Underground Railroad. The video was very cool and interesting. They also had an exhibit about Lucy Higgs who was an Africian-American who because a nurse during the Civil War which was very fun to learn about. This is one of two places in Indiana on the Louisville Cultural Pass. It was a very fun place we hope you can come and see it.


The Globe Players’ The Comedy of Errors

Last night we went to see The Comedy of Errors by the Globe Players at Shakespeare in the Park. It was a great comedy and we liked it very much. The play starts with a boy playing with a trunk and whenever he opens it, music comes out. He climbs into the trunk and when he climbs back out, the play has started. Aegeon, an old merchant from Syracuse, is caught in Ephesus and will be executed unless he can pay 1000 marks. Aegeon explains that he was in Ephesus looking for his son Antipholus and his son’s servant Dromio. It turns out that his son and his son’s servant are each actually identical twins and his other son and his servant were separated because of shipwreck and lost with Aegeon’s wife. It turns out that both sets of twins are running around Ephesus. Will Aegeon live? Will the sets of twins ever meet? Will there be a case of identity theft? You only have two more performances to find out!

One of our favorite scenes was the trunk scene because Officer 3 (who wasn’t really an officer) was running from the other officers and hid in a truck that made music. Officer 3, played by Collin Landrum, was very clever and knew how to hide from the police. Another favorite scene was the final scene when the two Dromios, played by Kate Barnett and Bailey Lomax, mocked each other. It was really funny. The Dromios did a lot of physical comedy and they did it really well.

This was a really cool play and we hope you can see it. It plays again tonight and Sunday. Shakespeare in the Part is part of the Louisville Cultural Pass and if you get your Shakespeare card punched for seeing each of the shows, you could win a prize. Don’t miss it!

Turtle and Moose