WUOL’s Hansel and Gretel Summer Listening Party

Sunday we went to the Kentucky Center to see WUOL’s Summer Listening Program featuring Hansel and Gretel. It was a great opera based on the Grimm Brother’s classic fairy tale.

There were 4 puppets done by the Squallis Puppeteers waiting inside the lobby to greet people. They were a monkey who hi-fived us and an owl who could turn his head 360 degrees around. Another puppet was the peacock. It was green and yellow and blue and looked really pretty. There were feathers all across its back and body and some beautiful feathers on its head. We loved how the colors mixed into cool gradients. Last but not least there was a wolf that went on the elevator with us. It was so funny because he was so tall he had to duck to get into the elevator and had to get almost on his knees while we went up. Another time the wolf tried to operate a camera, and then Turtle told our dad “Wolves have many interesting features. However, an opposable thumb is not one of them.” The wolf had big teeth and was brown and furry; he looked cool and creepy at the same time. When he opened his mouth and showed his claws we wanted to tell him he was in the wrong fairy tale.

Next, there was the movie with lots of cool costumes. Hansel and Gretel had simple clothes to show that they were poor. The sandman and the angel chef’s costumes looked creepy even though they were good characters.

The singers in the opera were really good. They had just enough vibrato that you could understand what they were saying but did not have so little that you could not know it was an opera. How they sung differently portrayed some of their character traits. We thought the actors did a good job of expressing them clearly. We also liked how it was easy to tell if they were happy, sad, or scared because they expressed it in their voices really well. An opera is a lot about singing and it’s good to know how to sing your thoughts clearly.

It was really cool to see the puppets and the movie and we hope you got to see them too. WUOL will have two more Summer Listening parties in July. July 22nd at noon, WUOL will host a live performance of “The Unheard” at their studio. July 26th from 5PM until sunset, WUOL will have a “Picnic and Kite Flying” party at the Big 4 Lawn downtown.

Turtle and Moose


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