The Louisville Ballet School

Today we went to the Louisville Ballet School and it was really fun. We learned a bunch of dances and moves. Most of the classes were for age 10 and under.

First, we went to a ballet class about ballet moves and positions. Some of the things that we learned were plie, tendu, relevé, and skip.

Then we went to musical theater were we danced to a song from the movie Hairspray. One of the moves we learned was a move were we you put your hands on your knees and jump up then scurry backwards. That dance was really fun and we learned a lot.

Moose went to a hip hop class where he did a hip hop dance. One of the moves was a move where you go down then swivel. Then after that Moose did a hip hop circle where people go in 1 at a time and do a little dance and he did the WORM and the ROBOT. Then he learned a breakdance move (WARNING: Before you do this trick make sure you have adult supervision) where you lay down with a curved arm then move your legs over so it makes an upside down v. This was very fun and taught him many things.

While that was going on Turtle went to the ballet repertory. In this class Turtle learned an actual dance. The song and dance were from a ballet called Coppélia, where a new girl comes to town and whenever someone says hi or hello to her she just keeps looking at her book. Later in the play the townsfolk figure out that the girl was a doll and they all had a party. The Louisville Ballet Company is doing this ballet in October. The dance was really fun to learn and it introduced some cool new dance moves.

This was really fun and this event is going to be done again for Cultural Pass holders. The next date is July 25th.

Turtle and Moose


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