Valu Market


Saturday we went to the Iroquois Manor Valu Market and it was great. At first we thought “Oh great! Another store that my parents are dragging us into.” But then we looked around and it was AMAZING. One of our favorite things we bought was sugar cane. It’s a kind of plant that you use to make sugar. We liked it because it was super long and who doesn’t like sugar. Another favorite item was kiwi because it is fuzzy, yummy, and funny. They are green on the inside with black seeds in a circle and have a fuzzy layer of brown skin on the outside. WARNING: DO NOT EAT THE BROWN SKIN. They are not in the picture because they did not make it They were delicious! We also got mangoes, cactus pears, a coconut, malanga, and jicama.

First we went to the produce section and my mom ended up saying that “It’s like you’re boys in a candy store but instead it’s the produce section.” Then we went to the spices. It was full of good stuff like cinnamon, pepper, and, cumin. The next section was the bakery section it was full of stuff like cake, pie and bread. Next was the food from around the world section. It had stuff like sweet and sour sauce and chow mien.

We are looking forward to looking on the Internet for how to eat the many AWESOME things that we found. If you don’t hear from us for a while we didn’t figure it out right. 😉

Turtle and Moose


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