Seneca Golf Course

We went to the Seneca Golf Course. It was a very cool place. We went to the driving range instead of the golf course because this was our first time golfing. The driving range was a place where you got buckets of balls and shot them as far as you can. I liked trying different clubs and seeing how they made the balls fly. This was a great place we hope you can come and see. This is another activity on the Louisville Cultural Pass.


The Arts Council of Southern Indiana

Hello! We went to The Arts Council of Southern Indiana. It was really fun. Every 6 weeks they pick a theme and part of the building is filled with artwork related to that theme. Right now, it is monarch butterflies. The pieces were really cool, too. They also have an artist in residence which is really amazing. This is another place on the Louisville Cultural Pass. It is one of the 2 places in Indiana on the cultural pass. We hope you go and see it. It is new on the pass this year.


The Little Loomhouse

We went to The Little Loomhouse. It was a great place that’s all about weaving. There were 3 buildings: the Esta House, the Wisteria House, and the Topside House. The Esta House was all about the history of the Little Loom House. Eleanor Roosevelt (wife of President Roosevelt) went into the kitchen of the Esta House and stuck her foot though a floorboard which she later signed. Next was the Wisteria House. It had the place where you sign in if you have a Cultural Pass and a gallery and gift shop. It had very cool art and I got to do a line in the community loom. The final house was the Topside House. It was full of looms with sample work and I got to learn how to work the loom. This was a great place that is participating in the Louisville Cultural Pass so you shouldn’t forget to bring them.


WUOL’s Hansel and Gretel Summer Listening Party

Sunday we went to the Kentucky Center to see WUOL’s Summer Listening Program featuring Hansel and Gretel. It was a great opera based on the Grimm Brother’s classic fairy tale.

There were 4 puppets done by the Squallis Puppeteers waiting inside the lobby to greet people. They were a monkey who hi-fived us and an owl who could turn his head 360 degrees around. Another puppet was the peacock. It was green and yellow and blue and looked really pretty. There were feathers all across its back and body and some beautiful feathers on its head. We loved how the colors mixed into cool gradients. Last but not least there was a wolf that went on the elevator with us. It was so funny because he was so tall he had to duck to get into the elevator and had to get almost on his knees while we went up. Another time the wolf tried to operate a camera, and then Turtle told our dad “Wolves have many interesting features. However, an opposable thumb is not one of them.” The wolf had big teeth and was brown and furry; he looked cool and creepy at the same time. When he opened his mouth and showed his claws we wanted to tell him he was in the wrong fairy tale.

Next, there was the movie with lots of cool costumes. Hansel and Gretel had simple clothes to show that they were poor. The sandman and the angel chef’s costumes looked creepy even though they were good characters.

The singers in the opera were really good. They had just enough vibrato that you could understand what they were saying but did not have so little that you could not know it was an opera. How they sung differently portrayed some of their character traits. We thought the actors did a good job of expressing them clearly. We also liked how it was easy to tell if they were happy, sad, or scared because they expressed it in their voices really well. An opera is a lot about singing and it’s good to know how to sing your thoughts clearly.

It was really cool to see the puppets and the movie and we hope you got to see them too. WUOL will have two more Summer Listening parties in July. July 22nd at noon, WUOL will host a live performance of “The Unheard” at their studio. July 26th from 5PM until sunset, WUOL will have a “Picnic and Kite Flying” party at the Big 4 Lawn downtown.

Turtle and Moose

The Louisville Ballet School

Today we went to the Louisville Ballet School and it was really fun. We learned a bunch of dances and moves. Most of the classes were for age 10 and under.

First, we went to a ballet class about ballet moves and positions. Some of the things that we learned were plie, tendu, relevé, and skip.

Then we went to musical theater were we danced to a song from the movie Hairspray. One of the moves we learned was a move were we you put your hands on your knees and jump up then scurry backwards. That dance was really fun and we learned a lot.

Moose went to a hip hop class where he did a hip hop dance. One of the moves was a move where you go down then swivel. Then after that Moose did a hip hop circle where people go in 1 at a time and do a little dance and he did the WORM and the ROBOT. Then he learned a breakdance move (WARNING: Before you do this trick make sure you have adult supervision) where you lay down with a curved arm then move your legs over so it makes an upside down v. This was very fun and taught him many things.

While that was going on Turtle went to the ballet repertory. In this class Turtle learned an actual dance. The song and dance were from a ballet called Coppélia, where a new girl comes to town and whenever someone says hi or hello to her she just keeps looking at her book. Later in the play the townsfolk figure out that the girl was a doll and they all had a party. The Louisville Ballet Company is doing this ballet in October. The dance was really fun to learn and it introduced some cool new dance moves.

This was really fun and this event is going to be done again for Cultural Pass holders. The next date is July 25th.

Turtle and Moose

Kentucky Shakespeare’s Macbeth

(Say in a very scary voice) Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Hello! Over the weekend we went to see Macbeth at the Shakespeare Festival in Central Park. It was great play. Here is a short summery of the play, Macbeth and Banquo had just defeated 2 armies after that, 3 witches appeared and called him 3 things, Thane (which means lord) of Glamis who he was at that point, then Thane of Cawdor which he was not at that point, and finally king of Scotland who he could end up being. They told Banquo that his sons will be kings but he will never be one. Then they disappear. After that 2 messengers arrived and told Macbeth that he was now Thane of Cawdor. When he got home he talked to his wife about the witches and that the king, Duncan, will be coming over to meet them. Lady Macbeth put drugs in the guards’ wine to make them go to sleep and Macbeth killed King Duncan so he can become king. Will Macbeth face punishment for his dreadful deed or will he get away with it no problem? Find out when you watch Macbeth.

One of our favorite characters was Macduff, played by Jeremy Sapp, because he was very brave. Another favorite character was Macbeth, played by Jon Patrick O’Brien, because he did something very wrong and when his conscience bothered him, he tried to stop himself but could not. That shows that he tried as hard as he could but also did not think about the consequences of his actions.

One of our favorite scenes was the dinner scene because it was cool how Macbeth saw spirits even though nobody else saw them. Another favorite scene was the final battle because it was really well choreographed. One of our favorite costumes was the witches’ because they looked really ragged and evil. Another one of our favorite costumes was Macbeth’s because it is Turtles favorite color (red) and had a cool plaid pattern.

There were also some very cool effects like when fog came out for all of the witches’ scenes and whenever a witch put something in a cauldron it turned red and fog came out. The other effect was a mirror effect where images came out and showed something and it was really creepy.

This play was different from the other two plays we have seen this summer because it had our favorite type of actor – KID ACTORS. It’s really a shame what happens to a lot of the kids in Shakespeare’s plays. There were 4 children in the play and they were Fleance played by Will DeVary, and Macduff’s children played by Xavier Zubric, Bailey Ramirez, and Vaughn Ramirez.

This was a really amazing play and we hope you can come and see it. It is part of the Kentucky Shakespeare passport and you can get a free prize for going to all the shows and it is on the Cultural Pass which you can get at your local public library.

Turtle and Moose

Valu Market


Saturday we went to the Iroquois Manor Valu Market and it was great. At first we thought “Oh great! Another store that my parents are dragging us into.” But then we looked around and it was AMAZING. One of our favorite things we bought was sugar cane. It’s a kind of plant that you use to make sugar. We liked it because it was super long and who doesn’t like sugar. Another favorite item was kiwi because it is fuzzy, yummy, and funny. They are green on the inside with black seeds in a circle and have a fuzzy layer of brown skin on the outside. WARNING: DO NOT EAT THE BROWN SKIN. They are not in the picture because they did not make it They were delicious! We also got mangoes, cactus pears, a coconut, malanga, and jicama.

First we went to the produce section and my mom ended up saying that “It’s like you’re boys in a candy store but instead it’s the produce section.” Then we went to the spices. It was full of good stuff like cinnamon, pepper, and, cumin. The next section was the bakery section it was full of stuff like cake, pie and bread. Next was the food from around the world section. It had stuff like sweet and sour sauce and chow mien.

We are looking forward to looking on the Internet for how to eat the many AWESOME things that we found. If you don’t hear from us for a while we didn’t figure it out right. 😉

Turtle and Moose