The Portland Museum

Today we went to see the Portland Museum. It was a great place all about the history of Portland. There was an automated tour as well as the garden. The museum was built around a very old house.

The first part of the tour was an animatronic that was the first female captain of a steamboat. The boat she drove was called the Saline. Her head moved across the room as she talked so that she was looking at everybody. She always had her hand on the wheel and talked about what it’s like to be a steamboat driver.

The second animatronic was of Audubon who talked about the wilderness in Portland. He drew pictures of birds indigenous to that area. Some of his well-known bird paintings are also in the Portland Museum.

Third was a 16 year-old boy who worked in the canal. He knew how to do canal work because his father had worked to make the Erie Canal in New York. He went to school half time when he was not fishing. He loved to learn about rocks and weather and pretty much anything else, yet he loved fishing more.

Fourth was a French lady whose name was Madame Thaise Maquaire Villier. She talked about moving to Portland and owning a business there. She was wearing a blue and white dress and a scarf. She said French words like “bon jour” but you could still understand what she was saying.

There was an animatronic Jim Porter. He was 6 feet 21 inches which equals 7 feet 9 inches so he was really tall. People said that he could walk over a river instead of taking a ferry. People made fun of how tall he was but he joked about it too.

There was a miniature version of Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin. It had a miniature bed and cradle. Also it had 4 miniature chairs. Another thing was a hall in the museum all about Paul Hornung. He was a very great football player for the NFL. He was a team member with both the Green Bay Packers and with Notre Dame in college. There was a bunch of poems in one place. One of our favorites was a poem called Gourmet because it was about a squirrel taking food to eat. Another thing they had were many pieces of art by Audubon like ears, eyes, and mouths. There was a film about a flood from the Ohio River in 1937 and it was very, very, bad flood. Many people came to help rescue people and make sure everyone had food and water and even immunizations. Part of it showed a dog near the flood. And as fellow animals we feel bad for a dog in that much danger.

There was a nice garden outside the museum paved with brick. It had lots of pretty flowers. A lot of the flowers were yellow and orange. They looked really cool. There were roses, day lilies, and Queen Anne’s lace. There were cool butterflies and overall it looked amazing.

The Portland Museum was really cool and it’s on the Louisville Cultural Pass. We hope you come see it. If you don’t have your Cultural Pass yet, you can pick one up at any branch of the Louisville Free Public Library.

Turtle and Moose


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