The Birds

Today we went to the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival at Central Park to see a Greek comedy called The Birds. It was the pre-show for the Tempest.

The play only used 5 actors. One of our favorite characters was Pisthetaerus because he was tricky and could get anything he wanted. Another of our favorite characters was Hoopoe because he had beautiful bird calls when he was calling for all the birds in Greece. We loved how he was nice and not quick to react. Before he was a ruler of birds he was a king named Tereus. There was no program for the show so we cannot tell you the names of the actors but they were all great.

One of our favorite scenes was the interrupted sacrifice because the sacrifice kept on getting interrupted by a poet, a prophet, a law writer, and an astronomer. The fact that Pisthetaerus had to go on and on and keep getting rid of people to complete the sacrifice was really funny.

All of the bird costumes were amazing. For wings they had felt triangles attached to hoodies the same color. All of the birds had the hood up over their heads and on the rim of the hood was a yellow beak made out of felt. On the top of the hoodie were two eyes. Everyone who was not a bird had on a really cool mask. They looked like they had great texture and certainty looked amazing and very fitting for the show.

The plot of the beginning of the play was 2 people named Pisthetaerus and Euelpides are trying to find a new, quiet place to live away from all of the law makers in Athens. They are looking for a bird who used to be a king named Tereus. Pisthetaerus convinced Tereus to build a city in the sky in between the earth and the heavens so the birds can starve the gods and claim power over them. Will the birds come out victorious or will the birds face the deadly wrath of the gods? DUN, DUN, DUNNNN.

The Birds will be showing tomorrow night at Shakespeare in the Park at 7PM for the preview show again and then it moves to the Greek Festival this Friday through Sunday (June 12th – 14th). We went to the Greek Festival last year at it was really fun with all of the dancing, booths, and food. The Greek Festival is moving to the Festival Plaza at Waterfront Park downtown next to Joe’s Crab Shack. Hopefully you can get baklava and if your parents are concerned, be sure to tell them it’s not desert, it’s a culinary cultural experience!

Turtle and Moose


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