Audio Tour – Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

Today we heard and saw the audio tour of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. It was a great tour that used tiny iPods to direct you to many pieces of art. One of the pieces of art was a pair of sculptures called Faribolus and Percival of 2 people who looked like they were dancing. They both looked very happy and their colors were red, white, black, and blue. There was a painting called Rite Of Passage Two. The frame was completely circular and inside there was a sailboat with two people on it. The sky was cool because it looks like the painter threw paint at the canvas. In a sense it made it look more realistic because the two colors were white and blue. If he painted the sky blue and splattered white, the clouds would look more realistic. Another piece called Night Wave: Moon was just black. It was made of discarded wood from buildings before it that were in the same place. The next sculpture is called Personage which was a sculpture of a person who from one side looked like a man and from the other side looked like a woman. The second to final piece was called The Coloured Gates of Louisville, a bunch of 10 cars. They were very colorful and crushed into one big display of amazing art. Then there was a black and red sculpture called the Red Feather that looked like a bird or a giraffe and was made of metal with nuts and bolts holding it together.

The people who were talking during the audio tour were Rylee, Brooklyn, and Logan. All three kids go to Lincoln Elementary which is the only elementary performing arts school in the state of Kentucky, which is pretty awesome. Also, Lincoln is the summer home of StageOne camps where you can learn things like stage combat so you can pretend fight your brother so your mom won’t know whether or not to yell at you.

This was a cool experience that we hope you can see and hear. This is also a stop on the 2015 Cultural Pass, and you should definitely get started on yours because there’s even more to do this summer!

Turtle and Moose


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