The Shakespeare in Central Park Season Has Begun

Hello! Yesterday we started off with the 2015 Kentucky Shakespeare season with The Tempest. It is the first of three Kentucky Shakespeare plays. Then will be one Globe Players play and then 2 community plays.

One of our favorite characters was Prospero, played by Jon Huffman, because he is very important and he is a wizard but he doesn’t like other wizards. Another favorite character was Arial, played by Sarah Jo Provost, because she is a spirit that can do amazing things. She can fly and make people do what she wants. Turtle thinks those are some pretty amazing powers. Arial flies with the power of stage magic.  Arial can move so well; we were very impressed.

The setting of the play is an island full of strange and unusual spirits. One of our favorite scenes is on the boat where Antonio and the rest of the ships members are tossed about by a tempest and then shipwrecked. Another of our favorite scenes is when Arial greets Prospero. She does flips and turns that look really cool. We like how Arial fought for her freedom.

One of our favorite costumes is Caliban’s. It matches the environment and what kind of spirit he is and Dathan Hooper, who played Caliban, uses the costume to really bring Caliban to life. Another favorite costume is the spirits because their colors are simple and truly represent what Prospero needs. We also like how ferocious the spirits can be.

Before the show last night, Matt Wallace, the producing artistic director, was presented with the Allan Cowen Innovation Award. We think that he really deserves it because of the great job he has been doing with Kentucky Shakespeare. We also like the new lighting truss. A lot of people worked really hard so that Kentucky Shakespeare could have a new light bar. As a bonus, the flying equipment is also part of the new light system.

The Tempest plays in Central Park through June 14th and in rotating repertory after that. Whatever you do, don’t miss this show – or Prospero might have to send a tempest after you too!


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