Fish Delish!


We had another Chopped-style meal adventure and we want to share a wonderful dish with you that we made. We had tilapia, wasabi, zucchini, squash, and Ramen noodles to start with. We ended up with what we call Fish Delish!


  • ½ cup soy sauce
  • 1 tbs wasabi (if you want the dish more spicy than add more but we found that 1 tbs is already spicy)
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 squash
  • 20 ounces of tilapia
  • 2 tbs vegetable oil
  • 3 packs of Ramen noodles
  • 3 packs of shrimp flavor (comes with noodles)
  • 3 tbs butter

First, preheat the oven 450 degrees. Spray a baking dish with non-stick cooking spray. Next, combine the soy sauce, wasabi, and 1 ½ packets of the shrimp flavor in a bowl. Place the fish in the baking dish and pour the soy mixture over it. Make sure all of the fish is coated with the sauce. Place the fish in the oven and cook for 30 minutes. While the fish is cooking, slice up the zucchini and squash and cook in a frying pan with the oil and butter. Add the remaining shrimp flavor and cook until the vegetables are tender. Cook the Ramen noodles according to the package directions. When the fish is done, flip and cook for another 10 minutes. Plate the noodles and the vegetables and top with the cooked fish. Serve and enjoy.


This was quite an amazing meal that was delicious and yummy and was very easy to make. You should try it out!

Moose and Turtle


The Taming of the Shrew

Yesterday we went to see Taming of the Shrew at Shakespeare in the Park. It was an amazing play. The beginning of the play starts with a drunken man named Christopher Sly, played by Jon Patrick O’ Brien, on the street and asleep and a lady finds him and decides to prank him. She brings him to her house to make him think he is a lord and puts on a play for him and it goes like this: 3 people want to marry Bianca, played by Sarah Jo Provost. Their names are Hortentio, played by Darnell Pierre Benjamin, Gremio, played by Jon Huffman, and Lucentio played by Zachary Burrell, but can’t until her older sister Kate, played by Abigail Bailey Maupin, is married. Hortentio and Gremio get Petruchio, played by Gregory Maupin, to marry Kate so Bianca can get married. Who will marry Bianca? And will Sly ever figure out who he really is?

One of our favorite characters was Petruchio because of the funny stuff he said like “It is the moon. No, it is the sun.” He did it because he wanted to pick an argument with Kate. Another favorite character was Biondello, played by Megan Massie, because she was funny and exaggerated a lot. It was funny when she interacted with her master, Lucentio.

One of our favorite scenes was the country house dinner because Petruchio did not let Kate eat anything because the meat was burned and he wanted everything to be perfect out of his perfect love. But he was really doing it to try to “tame her”. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! We also liked the scene when there was a feast and all the husbands placed a bet on whose wife would come first. The reactions of the characters were really funny when the wife who came first was Kate.

We liked Petruchio’s costume during his wedding scene because he wore mismatched clothes like one laced shoe and one buckled shoe. Another favorite costume was the servant’s costume they were red with green yellow and red diamonds and they stood out a lot. This was a really cool play and we hope that you come see it. It will show tonight and then Tuesday through Sunday (June 23-28). It also will be in repertory July 19-25. Remember that Shakespeare in the Park is part of the Louisville Cultural Pass!

Turtle and Moose

The Portland Museum

Today we went to see the Portland Museum. It was a great place all about the history of Portland. There was an automated tour as well as the garden. The museum was built around a very old house.

The first part of the tour was an animatronic that was the first female captain of a steamboat. The boat she drove was called the Saline. Her head moved across the room as she talked so that she was looking at everybody. She always had her hand on the wheel and talked about what it’s like to be a steamboat driver.

The second animatronic was of Audubon who talked about the wilderness in Portland. He drew pictures of birds indigenous to that area. Some of his well-known bird paintings are also in the Portland Museum.

Third was a 16 year-old boy who worked in the canal. He knew how to do canal work because his father had worked to make the Erie Canal in New York. He went to school half time when he was not fishing. He loved to learn about rocks and weather and pretty much anything else, yet he loved fishing more.

Fourth was a French lady whose name was Madame Thaise Maquaire Villier. She talked about moving to Portland and owning a business there. She was wearing a blue and white dress and a scarf. She said French words like “bon jour” but you could still understand what she was saying.

There was an animatronic Jim Porter. He was 6 feet 21 inches which equals 7 feet 9 inches so he was really tall. People said that he could walk over a river instead of taking a ferry. People made fun of how tall he was but he joked about it too.

There was a miniature version of Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin. It had a miniature bed and cradle. Also it had 4 miniature chairs. Another thing was a hall in the museum all about Paul Hornung. He was a very great football player for the NFL. He was a team member with both the Green Bay Packers and with Notre Dame in college. There was a bunch of poems in one place. One of our favorites was a poem called Gourmet because it was about a squirrel taking food to eat. Another thing they had were many pieces of art by Audubon like ears, eyes, and mouths. There was a film about a flood from the Ohio River in 1937 and it was very, very, bad flood. Many people came to help rescue people and make sure everyone had food and water and even immunizations. Part of it showed a dog near the flood. And as fellow animals we feel bad for a dog in that much danger.

There was a nice garden outside the museum paved with brick. It had lots of pretty flowers. A lot of the flowers were yellow and orange. They looked really cool. There were roses, day lilies, and Queen Anne’s lace. There were cool butterflies and overall it looked amazing.

The Portland Museum was really cool and it’s on the Louisville Cultural Pass. We hope you come see it. If you don’t have your Cultural Pass yet, you can pick one up at any branch of the Louisville Free Public Library.

Turtle and Moose

Fried Fruit Fun

Today we made a dish called Fried Fruit Fun. We got some ingredients and had to make a dish out of them, like the show Chopped. We got Cinnamon Swirl cereal, a papaya, a mango, and Greek cream cheese. This is a dish we completely made up. It is also made of banana, blackberries, chocolate syrup, and butter. This is how we made them:

  1. Peel and slice 1 banana 1 mango and 1 Papaya and put them all in a bowl.
  2. Pour Cinnamon Swirls into a medium zip plastic bag until almost full and thoroughly crush. A rolling pin helps!. Then pour the crumbs into a separate bowl.
  3. Put a stick of butter into a frying pan set on medium-high. Wait for the butter to melt
  4. Coat the pieces of fruit with the powered cereal and place them in the frying pan
  5. Fry one side until golden brown, then turn and fry the other side
  6. Put all of the pieces of fruit onto plates
  7. Add the cream cheese on the side and put a blackberry in the middle of the cream cheese
  8. Use chocolate syrup to make a smiley face on the plate.
  9. Serve and enjoy!

It was a really good recipe and Turtle liked how all of the parts of the dish balanced out. Moose liked that it was a mixture of tangy and sweet. The texture and color were really nice. It tasted delicious.

Turtle and Moose

The Birds

Today we went to the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival at Central Park to see a Greek comedy called The Birds. It was the pre-show for the Tempest.

The play only used 5 actors. One of our favorite characters was Pisthetaerus because he was tricky and could get anything he wanted. Another of our favorite characters was Hoopoe because he had beautiful bird calls when he was calling for all the birds in Greece. We loved how he was nice and not quick to react. Before he was a ruler of birds he was a king named Tereus. There was no program for the show so we cannot tell you the names of the actors but they were all great.

One of our favorite scenes was the interrupted sacrifice because the sacrifice kept on getting interrupted by a poet, a prophet, a law writer, and an astronomer. The fact that Pisthetaerus had to go on and on and keep getting rid of people to complete the sacrifice was really funny.

All of the bird costumes were amazing. For wings they had felt triangles attached to hoodies the same color. All of the birds had the hood up over their heads and on the rim of the hood was a yellow beak made out of felt. On the top of the hoodie were two eyes. Everyone who was not a bird had on a really cool mask. They looked like they had great texture and certainty looked amazing and very fitting for the show.

The plot of the beginning of the play was 2 people named Pisthetaerus and Euelpides are trying to find a new, quiet place to live away from all of the law makers in Athens. They are looking for a bird who used to be a king named Tereus. Pisthetaerus convinced Tereus to build a city in the sky in between the earth and the heavens so the birds can starve the gods and claim power over them. Will the birds come out victorious or will the birds face the deadly wrath of the gods? DUN, DUN, DUNNNN.

The Birds will be showing tomorrow night at Shakespeare in the Park at 7PM for the preview show again and then it moves to the Greek Festival this Friday through Sunday (June 12th – 14th). We went to the Greek Festival last year at it was really fun with all of the dancing, booths, and food. The Greek Festival is moving to the Festival Plaza at Waterfront Park downtown next to Joe’s Crab Shack. Hopefully you can get baklava and if your parents are concerned, be sure to tell them it’s not desert, it’s a culinary cultural experience!

Turtle and Moose

Audio Tour – Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

Today we heard and saw the audio tour of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. It was a great tour that used tiny iPods to direct you to many pieces of art. One of the pieces of art was a pair of sculptures called Faribolus and Percival of 2 people who looked like they were dancing. They both looked very happy and their colors were red, white, black, and blue. There was a painting called Rite Of Passage Two. The frame was completely circular and inside there was a sailboat with two people on it. The sky was cool because it looks like the painter threw paint at the canvas. In a sense it made it look more realistic because the two colors were white and blue. If he painted the sky blue and splattered white, the clouds would look more realistic. Another piece called Night Wave: Moon was just black. It was made of discarded wood from buildings before it that were in the same place. The next sculpture is called Personage which was a sculpture of a person who from one side looked like a man and from the other side looked like a woman. The second to final piece was called The Coloured Gates of Louisville, a bunch of 10 cars. They were very colorful and crushed into one big display of amazing art. Then there was a black and red sculpture called the Red Feather that looked like a bird or a giraffe and was made of metal with nuts and bolts holding it together.

The people who were talking during the audio tour were Rylee, Brooklyn, and Logan. All three kids go to Lincoln Elementary which is the only elementary performing arts school in the state of Kentucky, which is pretty awesome. Also, Lincoln is the summer home of StageOne camps where you can learn things like stage combat so you can pretend fight your brother so your mom won’t know whether or not to yell at you.

This was a cool experience that we hope you can see and hear. This is also a stop on the 2015 Cultural Pass, and you should definitely get started on yours because there’s even more to do this summer!

Turtle and Moose

The Shakespeare in Central Park Season Has Begun

Hello! Yesterday we started off with the 2015 Kentucky Shakespeare season with The Tempest. It is the first of three Kentucky Shakespeare plays. Then will be one Globe Players play and then 2 community plays.

One of our favorite characters was Prospero, played by Jon Huffman, because he is very important and he is a wizard but he doesn’t like other wizards. Another favorite character was Arial, played by Sarah Jo Provost, because she is a spirit that can do amazing things. She can fly and make people do what she wants. Turtle thinks those are some pretty amazing powers. Arial flies with the power of stage magic.  Arial can move so well; we were very impressed.

The setting of the play is an island full of strange and unusual spirits. One of our favorite scenes is on the boat where Antonio and the rest of the ships members are tossed about by a tempest and then shipwrecked. Another of our favorite scenes is when Arial greets Prospero. She does flips and turns that look really cool. We like how Arial fought for her freedom.

One of our favorite costumes is Caliban’s. It matches the environment and what kind of spirit he is and Dathan Hooper, who played Caliban, uses the costume to really bring Caliban to life. Another favorite costume is the spirits because their colors are simple and truly represent what Prospero needs. We also like how ferocious the spirits can be.

Before the show last night, Matt Wallace, the producing artistic director, was presented with the Allan Cowen Innovation Award. We think that he really deserves it because of the great job he has been doing with Kentucky Shakespeare. We also like the new lighting truss. A lot of people worked really hard so that Kentucky Shakespeare could have a new light bar. As a bonus, the flying equipment is also part of the new light system.

The Tempest plays in Central Park through June 14th and in rotating repertory after that. Whatever you do, don’t miss this show – or Prospero might have to send a tempest after you too!