Arts and Culture Day at Waterfront Park

There were so many things at the Arts and Culture Day but sadly we cannot tell you everything. We really liked the Drama by George Selfie booth where Moose dressed as a “polf” – part pig, part wolf, and turtle was super pig.

Kentucky Shakespeare performed the Tempest. The kids could color a Coat of Arms at their booth. This was fun because we love to color. We can’t wait to see the full Tempest at Central Park. It starts June 3rd. We also liked the Louisville Orchestra with instruments made of recycled materials. There was a water xylophone and a drum set made out of tin cans as well as many others.

The Speed Art Museum was making bird feeders out of Cheerios, Fruit Loops, and pipe cleaners. It was fun; Turtle made a chain link with three loops and Moose made an abstract sculpture.

There were also 2 printmaking booths. One used “gelly plates” which were like thin sheets of Jell-O that had ink applied to them and then scraped off with a bunch of different tools. The plate was then used to ink a piece of paper. That was with Louisville Visual Art Association. The other one, the Kentucky School of Art at Spaulding University, used wax paper and ink to transfer to paper. These were both awesome.

Another favorite was the Crane House. They were awesome because they taught us how to make a paper hat with a newspaper. Even cooler was that the newspaper they used was Korean. Also they taught us how to make an origami puppy and fish. Finally, they had Korean dolls and masks.

At the Kentucky Opera booth, we made fans and we know that they are performing an opera of Macbeth in September as part of their new season of shows. The Louisville Youth Choir booth let us play with boomwhackers that make different notes with different length sticks which were very cool. Also, the Mayor of Louisville, Greg Fisher, was there riding his bike, looking around, and tasking pictures of everybody having fun.

The Kentucky Science Center was also there. They were making Spirograph art which is an art where you mesh two gears with a pencil and it makes a perfect spiral. They also had water beads which are small polymer balls that absorb many times their weight in water. They felt weird and squishy. It was really fun to put your hand in the bowl of them.

Finally, the Kentucky Center for the Arts attended. We used a tool to curl up newspaper into small beads and put them on an elastic band with other beads. The bracelets were very colorful and super fun to make.

Also, we have a special report from our big brother Orangutan on the Frazier History Museum:

It’s Orangutan here. I would love to talk about the Frazier History Museum for a minute. They were at Arts and Culture Day along with many other groups. They, of course, are a history museum so they had many artifacts out for the people to see. Ranging from powder horns and baby holders to buffalo pies, they had it all. Besides the many artifacts, the Frazier also had a team of actors called historical interpreters. These people study up on a particular person or time and write a one person show about it. Everything in the show is historically accurate and they are a great way of conveying information. They are also extremely entertaining. At the Arts and Culture Day, they had three of these interpreters walking around in full costume sharing information and performing. They even had some magic tricks. The Frazier really was an entertaining and educational part of the Arts and Culture Day. Keep monkeying around my friends.

Until next time – Orangutan

This was a great event and you should be sure to see all of the places that were there today. One great way to see many of these wonderful places with the Louisville Cultural Pass. You can pick one up at any branch of the Louisville Free Public Library and it will keep you busy all summer!!!

Moose and Turtle


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