Kentucky Shakespeare’s The Tempest

     Yesterday we went to see The Tempest performed by Kentucky Shakespeare at the Main branch of the Louisville Free Public Library. It was an awesome two-actor play. Our favorite characters were Caliban, Stephano, Ariel, and Prospero. We liked Caliban because he was grumpy when he objected to Prospero making him do stuff and Caliban refused because he was a slave who did not like doing all the work but he didn’t want to be pinched. We liked Stephano because he said funny things and tripped and fell. Ariel was great because he is mysterious and loyal and we thought it was really funny when he was bowing down to Prospero. Finally, we liked Prospero because he was a wizard and that automatically makes him awesome. Prospero also made everyone happy in the end. Our favorite scene was when Caliban was hiding and Stephano gave him a drink of wine and Caliban got so happy that he let Stephano make him his servant. Here is a short summery of the beginning of the play. Prospero and Miranda were on an island because Prospero used to be a duke and his brother Antonio kicked Prospero out. He stranded Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, on an island for 12 years. A boat with Antonio and the evil king of Naples comes near the island and Prospero makes a storm to make the boat crash but everyone comes out alive. Will Antonio be punished for his deeds? This is a great play that we think you should go and see at any of the 17 other library locations – see for the schedule. The complete version of The Tempest is showing in Central Park for beginning of the Shakespeare in the Park season starting June 3rd. Also, check Kentucky Shakespeare’s website to see if the 90-minute version “that Scottish play” is coming to a park near you. We are so excited that Kentucky Shakespeare is coming early to libraries and parks.

Moose and Turtle


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