StageOne’s Production of “And In This Corner…Cassius Clay”

This was an awesome play about Cassius Clay, more widely known as Muhammad Ali. Here is a short summary of the beginning of the play. Cassius Clay, played by Justin Cornwell, starts out as a kid who plays around a lot. After somebody steals his bicycle, Cassius reports it to the police. Joe Martin, a policeman played by William McNulty, encourages Cassius to start boxing. Because Cassius said he was fast, Joe thought he had potential. Cassius wins his first amateur fight and next fights a bully, played by Robert N. Issac. After that, he goes to the Olympics. Will he win the gold? Go see the play and find out! The actors were great and they played their parts really well. My favorite character was Rudy, played by Crystian Wiltshire, because he was funny and cool. Also, I am partial to little brothers since I am one. He was very helpful to Cassius Clay by giving him confidence. I also liked Joe Martin because he was a strong, hard-working person who expected a lot of the people around him. My favorite part was the stage fighting when they were boxing because it looked cool and real. The lighting was awesome because it had a part were it got really bright right before the 3rd round of his first amateur fight. This was great play that you should see. Also you should be sure to see the other plays on the StageOne Family Pass.



The New Art of the Loom

Today I went to see the New Art of the Loom exhibit at The Kentucky Museum of Art And CraftIt was very cool. It was an exhibit of weaving (a type of tapestry). Here are some of the very cool things in it.

There were lots of different awesome tapestries on the 1st and 2nd floor by lots of great artists. They were full of color and represented something beautiful. Here are my top 3 favorites.

My first favorite weaving was called Midsummer by Ulrika Leander. I love the different colors. It looks like there are 10 or 20 houses with trees and a sun and clouds. I think the artist called it Midsummer because the color of the sky looks like its midsummer and the sun the same way. It looks as peaceful as a warm, breezy August night. My second favorite weaving is called Aurora Borealis by Thoma Ewen. I like how it looks as if it were done in crayon. It is very geometrical with lots of triangles in it. I really love the deep blue in it. My 3rd favorite artwork was called View from Mme Touitou by Susan Martin Maffei. It takes place in a city. It has lots of rectangles that look like buildings. It looks like Louisville like a huge bustling city.

In the maker space I learned how to weave in a circle with nothing but cardboard and yarn. They also had cool activities like making yarn pictures, building blocks, chalkboards, and chalk block cities. Ms. Dana was really nice and made it a lot of fun!

This is a really cool place and I think you should come visit.