Actors Theatre of Louisville’s A Christmas Carol

Hello! Yesterday, we went to see A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and it was AMAZING. It is a great show done every year at Actors Theater of Louisville. It is a very festive way to start the year.

The story is of a man who is very wealthy and mean who takes an adventure through space and time and meets some ghosts. Will he learn the importance of Christmas??? Dun dun dun!!!

They had many new things and here are our favorites. Our favorite character was The Ghost of Christmas Present, played by Lee Palmer, because he taught you an important lesson that we won’t give away. Our other favorite character was Mr. Fezziwig, played by Andy Gaukel, because he was nice, merry, and a very good dancer. Our favorite costumes were Marley’s, played by Larry Bull, because it has chains that look really cool and the Ghost of Christmas Present because he has apples and meat all over his robe and it looks really awesome. There were a lot of special effects and here were our favorites – the green lights in Marley’s scene, they were really spooky, the stars moving in the background, and The Ghost of Christmas Future but we won’t tell you about that because it’s a very BIG surprise.

This was a very cool play and we really think you should see it.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Turtle and Moose


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