Louisville Orchestra at Iroquois Park

Today we went to the Louisville Orchestra at Iroquois Park. One of our favorite music pieces was Symphony No.5 in C minor by Beethoven. We liked it because it was fast paced and slow at the same time. One of the other songs was the song the FX channel plays whenever they show a movie. It was called E.T. Adventures on Earth by John Williams. Another of our favorite songs was actually made by the music director and composer Teddy Abrams. It is called Overture in Sonata Form. He made it to celebrate the start of his relationship with the Louisville Orchestra. We liked it because it sounded jazzy and jazz is Turtle’s favorite style of music. The final song, Overture 1812 op.42, had the noise of cannons in it. The encore, another part of Rodeo by Copland, had a part in it where the music stopped and everybody clapped like in “The Joke” by Haydn that we heard on the Summer Listening Program on WUOL. We think this was a great performance and you should definitely see some performances from Louisville Orchestra.

By Moose and Turtle


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