An Awesome Day

Today was an awesome day. We went to see a two-person version of The Tempest. It was very cool. They used puppets for other characters like the fairy and the tree monster. This play might be coming to your school! (sorry, adults) so wooooooohooooooo.There was a very bouncy bouncy house that bounced. There was a magician/balloon animal specialist named the Spence of Spades. He was really cool for two reasons. His magic was really neat and he had a balloon turtle named Steve! There was a juggler that was juggling bowling pins and balls. It looks really hard to do! There was also cool live music. There was a band called Sons of Circus. They used an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, a wood box, and a base. I liked how the music they played harmonized and how the different instruments went together. The playground was really close so we just had to give in to the urge to go and play hide-and-seek while some of the bands played.

Later we went to the National Jug Band Jubilee. It was really great. It’s a yearly gathering of groups of jug bands that come and play cool music. I danced in front of the stage! I saw large, small, and medium jugs.

By Turtle

We went to Kentucky Shakespeare’s Saturday at the Park and they announced the next season! Kentucky Shakespeare will perform The Tempest starting June 3, The Taming of the Shrew starting June 18 and finally The Scottish Play starting July 2. The Bard-a-thon where they play all 3 plays in one night will be July 25. Then there is another show called The Comedy of Errors by the Globe Players from July 29 to August 2. The next 2 shows are the same week of August 4 to August 9. One is called Recent and Relevant Shakespeare by Theater [502] and the other is Chasing Ophelia by the Bard’s Town Theater. Finally Late Night Shakes is on June 27, July 11, and July 18 from the Louisville Improvisers. We don’t think we will be allowed to see it because it’s at 10:30 at night. There are 255 days ‘till the next season starts. That’s a huge number, but do not lose hope. It gives us time to convince our parents to extend our bedtime! I think that the next season of Kentucky Shakespeare will be awesome and I hope you think so too.

By Moose


Louisville Orchestra at Iroquois Park

Today we went to the Louisville Orchestra at Iroquois Park. One of our favorite music pieces was Symphony No.5 in C minor by Beethoven. We liked it because it was fast paced and slow at the same time. One of the other songs was the song the FX channel plays whenever they show a movie. It was called E.T. Adventures on Earth by John Williams. Another of our favorite songs was actually made by the music director and composer Teddy Abrams. It is called Overture in Sonata Form. He made it to celebrate the start of his relationship with the Louisville Orchestra. We liked it because it sounded jazzy and jazz is Turtle’s favorite style of music. The final song, Overture 1812 op.42, had the noise of cannons in it. The encore, another part of Rodeo by Copland, had a part in it where the music stopped and everybody clapped like in “The Joke” by Haydn that we heard on the Summer Listening Program on WUOL. We think this was a great performance and you should definitely see some performances from Louisville Orchestra.

By Moose and Turtle