The End of the Summer Is Upon Us

The summer has reached an end so you won’t see as many blogs because of many homework hurricanes. We saw 1 musical, 7 Shakespeare plays plus 1 show of many scenes. We visited 17 places on the Louisville Cultural Pass. We cooked 19 dinners for our family, with 0 cases of food poisoning! We listened to 45 pieces of classical music. We made a cyber-friend with Beyond Pop. We would like to thank our Mom for taking us to all these places and for being very inspirational and our Dad for setting up the blog and for giving us endless support. We also want to acknowledge the Mayor and Vision Louisville for making the Cultural Pass. We are grateful to Kentucky Shakespeare for giving us great entertainment all summer long. We appreciate WUOL for their Summer Listening Program. We are indebted to our brother, Orangutan, for helping us understand things and lastly the online thesaurus for many ways to express thanks!

This summer has been brought to us in part by WUOL, Vision Louisville, Kentucky Shakespeare, and readers like you!


Moose and Turtle



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