Savage Rose’s Production of King Lear

Wednesday we went to Savage Rose’s production of King Lear at the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival and it was cool. Here is a short summery of the beginning of the play. King Lear had a contest to find who loved him the most and the winner would get the most land. The most favored to win, Cordelia, became banished because she would not profess her love in a flowery way. The other two daughters, Regan and Goneril, split the whole land equally. But then everyone finds out the two other daughters are EVIL!!!!! They were awful to their father, the king. They had really mean expressions when they were plotting; we really believed them. One of our favorite characters was Edgar when he was pretending to be Tom because the things he says are funny. Another of our favorite characters was the Fool because he made really funny remarks and he could talk back to the king without getting in trouble. One of our favorite scenes was contest to see who would get the most land because it was very surprising. Another one of our favorite scenes was the fight scene because it was very well coordinated and the deaths seemed so realistic. We think this is another great play you should come and see.

By Moose and Turtle


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