ShoeString Productions’ Women of Will

Tuesday we went to ShoeString Productions’ Woman of Will at the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival but the show wasn’t by WILLam Shakespeare. It was all scenes from the plays he wrote. One favorite scene was the epilogue because the women were able to talk very quickly after one another and it was very impressive. One of our favorite characters was Puck because he made lots of mischief. Another of our favorite scenes was the Puck scene. It was about Herminie going to sleep and when she wakes up she will fall in love with the first living thing she sees. We got to see a lot of scenes from the plays this summer and saw some scenes we have never seen before. From Henry the Fifth there was the scene were 2 French ladies were learning English and they said the name of their body parts to memorize it. There was the scene in Love’s Labour’s Lost where the four girls were comparing gifts they had received. From Hamlet we saw when the daughter of the duke went crazy and from As You Like It we saw the scene with the poems about Rosalind from Orlando.   We liked reminding ourselves about the scenes from previous plays we saw all summer long. We liked this show a lot and think you will like it to.


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