21c Hotel and Museum

Today I went to the 21c Hotel and Museum. It was very interesting. My favorite part was the cloud machine, called “Cloud Rings”. There were three machines that shot cloud rings into the air and when the rings got high enough and if they hit a wall they would start disappearing where they hit. They would break apart on one side of the ring and then snap around to the other side in both directions at once. When it got to the other side then it would be gone. We are always calling the cloud machine “Poof” and I’ve never seen it from the inside before. I think that it looks better from the inside of 21c. In the bathrooms, there was a fountain that was on the wall and you could see through the water to the outside hallway. On the outside it was a mirror. There was also a mirror over the sink that had a lot of movies of eyes. Around the building there were a lot of red penguins that were really cute and they were made of recycled plastic so it is a penguin that is good for the environment. The penguins were also very detailed and every feather stood out. There was also a blue meerkat that looked really cool.

By Turtle

The 21c also had a cool exhibit about racing the Chinese zodiac animals. It had a video about the race, which was held in China, of the animals that make up the 12 Chinese years. The legend is that the rat cheated and so the rat got to be first year’s animal. The winner would become the new first year’s animal, but it was only pretend – the calendar didn’t really get changed even though the horse won. There was also a cart full of pigeons that used to carry cigars and film their journey from Cuba to Florida. There was a wall full of moving letters that would stop when a body part gets in the way and it made words like art, synonym, and justice. My favorite part was the wall full of letters. I liked this place a lot and I hope you like it to. Unfortunately, it’s the last post we are doing on the Louisville Cultural Pass – it’s over Tuesday!

By Moose



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