Carnegie Center for Art and History

Today we went to Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany, IN and it was very interesting. There were a lot of dioramas that had parts that moved if you pressed a button. There was a scavenger hunt that went with the dioramas that you found things like an umbrella or a grandfather clock. Some of the objects are really tiny so look carefully! There was also an exhibit all about the Underground Railroad and how crucial New Albany was to it. There was a story about a riot caused by the editor of the newspaper in New Albany because he didn’t like African-Americans. There was also actual door from the jail and it also had the keys used to open the door. The museum also had a movie that had a biography about a person named Jacob Connolly and how he escaped slavery. On the first floor below the ground floor we put tape on pieces of paper and then painted everywhere else. We waited for it to dry and then when we took the tape off there is no paint where the tape was. The last thing we did was look at the art exhibit. The two artists that made the art were named Nicolas Jorcino and Rebeca Norton. The art was geometry which is one of our favorite subjects. We noticed that if you look at the art from different angles than you can see different things. We think this is another great place on the Louisville Cultural Pass that we hope you will enjoy.

By Turtle and Moose


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