Walden Theatre’s presentation of Pericles

Yesterday we went to Pericles put on by Walden Theatre at the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival and we liked it a lot. Here is a short summery of the beginning of the play. Antiochus was trying to kill Pericles, Prince of Tyre, because he didn’t want Pericles marrying his daughter. Pericles ran away and shipwrecked. After he shipwrecked he found some armor and entered a jousting match where the winner would marry Thaisa the princess. Pericles won the match and married Thaisa and then a little later Thaisa was going to have a baby. Thaisa and Pericles went out to sea and Thaisa died right after she had the baby. Our favorite character was Thaliard the assassin because we liked the way she walked like a sneaky villain. One of our favorite scenes was the marriage scene because it was beautiful. Another of our favorite scenes was the dance scene because it was well choreographed and everyone was having fun. Finally, we liked the jousting scene because it looked cool with the cut-outs. There were a lot of singing in this play and we liked the singing a lot. We think this is a great play that you will like. Remember, the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival is a part of the great Louisville Cultural Pass!

By Turtle and Moose


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