The Frazier History Museum

Today we went to the Frazier History Museum. We saw two interpretations. The first one was an actor playing a Royalist soldier in the English Civil War. The soldier talked about how bad their weapons were against people wearing chain mail armor. He also talked about 2 guns and a sword. The guns were bad against mail armor because they had low accuracy and they were hard to fill with the same amount of gunpowder every time. The second interpretation, by Miss Kelly, was about Dolly Madison. Her husband, President James Madison, had to be away from her to deal with the British soldiers threatening Washington. She had to leave the White House or she would have been taken prisoner by the British.

The 3rd floor of the Frazier was full of things about England like wars England fought and the history of the kings of England. There were lots of videos. One was about making chain mail armor and another was about the war against the Spanish Armada. There were also lots of life-sized exhibits like English soldiers fighting Scottish soldiers. The 2nd floor was also really cool. It was about the history of America. It had information on Daniel Boone’s expeditions, the Civil War and much more. There was also a cool full-size buffalo. There were also really awesome videos. We want to say that this was a really cool place and we think that you should visit here. The Frazier History Museum is another place on the Louisville Cultural Pass.

By Turtle and Moose   


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