The American Printing House for the Blind

Saturday we went to the American Printing House for the Blind. It was very interesting. There were machines that wrote braille onto paper. This was really cool. It had numbers going 1-6 and the different braille letters had different combinations of numbers to press. There was also a timeline that started with the first books that blind people could read through how braille was invented to how people used it today. There were also displays on how blind people learned geography and math. I also saw some books made in braille made of thick paper. Helen Keller, who could not see or hear, read so much braille that her fingers bled from the dots on the paper. There was also an exhibit of canes to show how a blind person can move around safely. There was video all about canes. We also a saw video about a guide dog named Heathcliff. The dog retires and his owner works with a new dog named Denver. It is kind of a sad story but a happy one too. Ms. Katie, the museum person, was very nice and we learned a lot from her. We want to say that we thought this place was very cool and we think you should go here. It is also part of the Louisville Cultural Pass.


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