Riverside: The Farnsley-Moremen Landing

Today I went to Riverside and it was cool and interesting. There were 2 houses. The first house was the Farnsley – Moremen house and my favorite room was the Traveler’s room. The Traveler’s room was a room for all of the people who traveled on road or by horse to stay for 1 night only. The doorway into the Traveler’s room from upstairs wasn’t there when Farnsley or Moremen owned it so Travelers couldn’t go in the family house. When I saw it, there was a bench and lots of toys that might have been there after the Traveler’s room wasn’t used by travelers anymore. The second house is the outside kitchen that was separate so it wouldn’t get the house hot or burn down the house. The kitchen had a lot of cooking supplies like 2 butter churns. There was a root cellar under a trapdoor were they stored cold stuff like potatoes. The riverbank had a platform were people got on and off the boats. Lots of boats passed there like The Spirit of Jefferson. Farnsley and Moremen sold wood for steamboats passing by. People on the boats slept on the boats instead of the Traveler’s room. The tour guide’s name is Mr. Jim and he was really nice. I think this is another great place on the Louisville Cultural Pass.

By Moose


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