Rauch Planetarium

Today we went to the Rauch Planetarium at University of Louisville. It was very neat. There was a show about black holes. The scientists used supercomputer simulations and pictures from a telescope to let people imagine what is inside a black hole. A black hole takes in gas, dust and solids and in one theory some of the gas can come back out. A black hole is created when there is a supernova or a massive star exploding. One theory about black holes says that they will send whatever is inside, even light, to another universe. If something solid hit the black hole it would be ripped to shreds from the impact.

We also saw a show about summer stargazing. It talked about constellations in the summer nighttime sky. Some of the constellations were Hercules, Aquila the Eagle, and Draco the Dragon. There also lots of objects in the constellations. The Cat’s Eye Nebula is in Draco. It’s called the Cat’s Eye Nebula because of how it looked in the Hubble Space Telescope. If the sky is very dark and there aren’t any light, you can see the Milky Way Galaxy, our own. There are three kinds of galaxies: irregular, spiral (like the Milky Way), and elliptical. We think this is another great place on the Louisville Cultural Pass.

By Turtle and Moose



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