Derby Dinner Playhouse’s Mary Poppins

Yesterday we went to the Derby Dinner Playhouse across the river in Clarksville, Indiana.It was very entertaining play. One of our favorite scenes was the kite scene. Even Mr. Banks and the bank owner were flying a kite because having fun is important and it is even worth more than running a bank. There are two kids in this play, but there is a different pair depending on the night. The first kid we saw is Caroline Siegrist. She plays Jane Banks. We have seen her in A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. We really liked how Caroline sang. The other kid we saw is Noah D. Stewart. He plays Michael Banks. We liked how Noah was really funny. He seemed to stubbornly not get the games that Mary Poppins wanted to play when she and the children went out. One of our favorite characters was Bert, played by Jordan Cyphert. We liked how Bert sang the Chim Chim Cher-ee song. Another favorite character was Mr. Banks, played by Tyler Bliss, because we liked how he changed from being strict to being really nice like he was in the kite scene. We also really liked Mary Poppins, played by Sara King. Our favorite song was the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious song. We liked how they spelled the song while using their movements to show the letters. There was lots of dancing in the play and they often picked up Mary Poppins, Jane, and Michael while dancing. We also liked the costumes. They were exactly what we thought British costumes should look like for the time. Another fantastic part of the show is flying. Mary Poppins uses her umbrella to fly and it looked really neat. Bert also flew and did flips in the air. He also walked straight up the side of the chimney and that was really impressive. For the pre-show we watched the Footnotes do two Disney songs. The song that was our favorite was the “Let it go” song.

By Turtle and Moose


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