The Asian Institute / Crane House

Today we went to the Asian Institute / Crane House and it was interesting. There were 2 rooms full of cartoons by Zunar. He is a Malaysian political cartoonist and his cartoons are mostly about the Malaysian government. There was also a room full of hats and one of our favorite hats was a samurai hat. It is made of iron so probably it was hard to go in to battle with because it was so heavy. It had two long spikes on the top of it. Another of our favorites was the uyghur hat. It looked like it  was cross-stitched. It was a four-sided hat and it had the same pattern on each side. It looked like differently colored triangles. There was a costume stand where you could try on cool hats, jackets, and a dragon costume. The head of the dragon was made of papier-mâché. It would be worn for Chinese New Year. There is also a coloring table were you can color a hat, a dragon, a horse, and other things. This is another great place to go on the Louisville Cultural Pass.

By Moose and Turtle


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