Kentucky Derby Museum

Today we went to the Kentucky Derby Museum and it was fun. We went on an outside tour. We saw rubber bricks for the horses to walk on. The bricks are easy of their legs. There was also a line near the top of the building that had the names of the winners of the derby. There was a Winner’s Circle that we stood in that is used for all the races except the Derby. The Derby’s Winner’s Circle is inside the track and has lots of flowers around it. The fastest time in derby history is about 1 minute and 57 seconds so they call it “the most exciting 2 minutes in sports”. The museum was very interesting. One of our favorite parts was when we got on a statue of a horse in a starting gate and our mom and dad took pictures of us. There was also a room where it was a time line of every single Kentucky Derby horse race. There was also a place where you got on a horse statue and raced with other people. We had a lot of fun and we hope you have fun too. The Kentucky Derby museum is another place on the Louisville Cultural Pass so be sure to check it out.

by Moose and Turtle


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