Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

Today we went to the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens in Oldham County. It was very fun. We saw a lot of really cool things. The first thing we want to talk about is the butterflies; they were all very pretty. We saw many different kinds of butterflies, but the best was a viceroy (the monarch mimic). They also have some neat plants. There is a certain tree next to the Serpentine garden called a big leaf magnolia tree. It has really huge leaves, so if you want shade then you should go under that tree. While you are under the leaves, look for the strange green bulbs on some of the leaves that are either flowers that haven’t opened or the fruit of the tree. The grasses at the Gardens came in all different shades of green and all different sizes. The flowers are all pretty too. One of our favorites is a purple one with 7 pedals and tall golden things coming out of the center. There were also a lot of cacti. One favorite was one that looked like a tree with many branches and sharp spikes! The Gardens also had bullfrogs and snakes. We saw 3 bullfrogs and a bunch of tadpoles. But we didn’t see any snakes!

There were a lot of houses like the log cabin, rock house, and best of all a CASTLE!!! (The castle is not very big but was really cool!) We also went into a greenhouse that had a lot of plants and a barn that did not have any animals. There was also a scavenger hunt that was hard but fun. It was fun looking for the things and my favorite thing was a shield thing that looked like an emblem or something. The final thing we want to mention is a certain sculpture piece in the garden. It looks like a totem pole with people’s heads through it. The name of the artist is Ed Hamilton. He also made the York statue (on the Belvedere) and the Lincoln statue (at Waterfront Park). Also you should hurry up because the sculpture show ends August 3rd, 2014.

This place was very fun and is another great place on the Louisville Cultural Pass. They give you an activity book when you leave.


By Turtle and Moose


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