Bernheim Forest

Today we went to Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. It was very fun. One of our favorite parts was feeding the turtles. They had red marks around their eyes which we thought was really cool. When we tried to feed them the Canadian geese and the fish took most of the food.


Another part of Bernheim Forest we went to was a hiking trail that was really fun. We liked looking at the trees, bushes, and grasses. We had to be careful, though, because the problem was that there was a lot of poison ivy.


We also went to a lot of displays outside near the visitor’s center. We learned a lot about snakes, amphibians, reptiles, flowers, the sun, moths and butterflies. We also learned about how there are many different uses for the cattail. Native Americans used the fuzzy part of the cattail as diaper stuffing. Birds use the fuzzy part to nest in too. You can eat the part that grows in the water after you peel off the outside and pollen can be added to pancakes to make very yellow pancakes.


Another of our favorite parts was the Children’s Garden playground. It was a huge playground with a slide, swings, a bunch of rocks to sit on, a big tree you can climb, a bunch of pedestals, and a huge hill!!! We played hide and seek and our big brother, hmm let’s call him a big hairy Orangutan, won most of the time. The hill had a flag on top of it and by the playground there were a bunch of human-sized fairy houses.


The Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is another activity on the Louisville Cultural Pass and we recommend you take the ride south of Louisville to go see it.


By Moose and Turtle


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