Locust Grove

   Today I went to Locust Grove on Blankenbaker Lane. It was very interesting. I learned a lot about the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War in the museum and outside I learned a lot of things too. One of the things I learned was that you can make a chair out of a kind of paper which is really cool. The person that made the chair was named Art Hoffman the other thing that I learned was about games kids played in the 1800’s. They played games like pick-up sticks which are really cool. Also Locust Grove is on the Louisville Cultural Pass so that’s an added bonus, but the chair and the games were here I think because it’s the 4th of July (happy 4th of July!) .

By Turtle


The Houses of Locust Grove

I went to Locust Grove today and it was SUPER FUN. There were lots of houses like the main house, the spring house, the kitchen house, the stables, and my favorite, THE CHEESE HOUSE!!! The cheese house is where they made cheese. The house had small slits for windows to keep the sun out so the cheese wouldn’t melt but the air still could move through. The Main house in Locust Grove was made in about 1790 for William and Lucy Clark Croghan and is very big. George Rogers Clark, the founder of Louisville and Lucy’s brother, lived in the house from 1809 until he died in 1818. It had many rooms like the boy’s bedroom, girl’s bedroom, and the parlor. My favorite room was the boy’s bedroom because it had 2 beds, a desk, and lots of cool toys like a gun, chess set, and a top. The stairs were very steep and the boy’s had to go up 2 flights of stairs to get to their room. The stairs had a weird striped pattern down the middle that made it hard to look at. Many people have visited Locust Grove like Lewis and Clark and 3 PRESIDENTS! They were James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, and Zachery Taylor.

By Moose


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