Kentucky Shakespeare’s Henry V

Today we went to Shakespeare in the Park’s Henry V. It helped us when the park put a Facebook post on our mom’s wall (They probably put on other grown-ups walls too) with a link to a trailer about the show. It helped us understand the play a lot. It was a very good play.

So you don’t get confused all the characters stay on stage for most of the show. The French were on the right and the English were on the left. This helps so you don’t get confused because of the large number of characters. We liked all the characters but our 2 favorite characters are the Dauphin (played by Tony Milder), heir to the French throne, because he always had good ideas about what to do next. We thought a scene that was funny was when Henry V got some tennis balls from the Dauphin. But they weren’t green and fuzzy; they were brown and solid which I found a bit creepy. He also came up with most of the ideas to win against the English. Mr. Milder also played Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We also liked Princess Catherine (played by Megan Massie) because it was funny when she was learning English. She seemed really into figuring out how to say hands, fingers, nails, arm, elbow, neck, feet, and gown. Ms. Massie played Peaseblossom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Our favorite part of the play was the big fight scenes near the end because it was full of action and the actors show a lot of strong emotions. Also, the people that were in the fight scene were always coming on and off stage. While watching the show, if the wording gets confusing in the play then don’t worry – it will get less confusing later. This is a great example of a show that has everything. It has plotting, battles, inspiring speeches, and even some romance (if you’re into that).

To top it off we want to say this is a very excellent play and you should come see it. It shows Tuesday July 1st through Sunday July 6th and again in repertory July 15th through the 26th. Also, if you watch all 8 plays and get a card stamped (they have them at a table in the back of the audience next to the building), you will get a Festival t-shirt.



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