Free Art Day at the Farmington Historic Plantation

House Tour

I went to the John and Lucy Speed’s house yesterday during the free art day at the Farmington Historic Plantation. The tour was really fun and interesting. The house had 5 bedrooms, 2 dining rooms and many other rooms. Usually John slept in a bed in his office in the basement because he was so busy. They only used the dining room upstairs on special occasions and instead they used the dining room in the basement! They often were dirty from working outside and did not want to get the upstairs dirty, so they spent a lot of time in the rooms in the basement. The whole house was built between 1815 and 1816. My favorite room is the boy’s bedroom because it had blue wallpaper and had a workbench and a second bed that slid out from under the big bed.

by Moose

Art Day!!!!!!!!!!

        Today I went to FREE art day at Farmington Plantation. In my opinion the art projects were great. My favorite art project was making a collage. In this project I made a pig I named Mr. Oinks. It was kind of hard cutting, gluing, and holding on to all of those pieces. The people who made the college possible were from The Louisville Visual Art Association. The second activity was done by the Speed Art Museum. They did a water color station. I thought this was fun because I could paint what I saw. The final activity was by the Preston Art Center. They were doing rubbings. I made a giant penny (Too bad I can’t use it!). It looked really cool when it came out on the paper.

I’m glad all these places came out to have something for kids to do. I love when the community does something big.

by Turtle


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