Trumpet Concerto in E-flat Major by Hummel – Review

Welcome to day 4 of our reviews of the WUOL summer listening program. Today we are reviewing Trumpet Concerto in E-flat Major by Jonann Nepomuk Hummel (we will call him just Hummel because his name is the longest I have ever seen!!!!). Trumpet Concerto in E-Flat Major was written in December 1803 and first seen on New Years of 1804 (I wonder if that’s the song they played before they dropped the big ball.) The song is exactly 17 minutes long and has 3 movements (or parts). Movement one is called Allegro con Spirto, movement 2 is called Andante, and movement 3 is called Rondo. The song includes lots of instruments including the trumpet, bassoons, and strings. Hummel was born November 14 1778 at Bratislava, Slovakia and died October 17 1837 at Wiemar, Germany and died at age 58. Hummel was married to Elisabeth Rockel and wrote classical and romantic music.

By Moose

Today I listened to a song by Hummel. The name of the piece is Trumpet Concerto in E-flat Major. The piece was beautiful. At some parts it is really slow and at some parts fast, but it was played at a high nice tone. Although I hear a lot of violin in the beginning, its name has trumpet in it. But then the trumpet is heard. In this piece it reminds me of skipping on a sidewalk. At the Kentucky Derby they do the “Call to Post” and I heard this in the 3rd movement. Then it reminds me of suspense. Of the songs so far in the summer listening program I think this one is the best and speaking of which don’t forget to get on WOUL and do their program and listen to some great music. To top it off I want to say this is great music and you should listen to it.

By Turtle


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