Music Review – Waltz 18 by Frydertk Chopin

I got the music from The Frydertk Chopin Institute. Waltz #18 (a.k.a. Op.18) was made on 1822 and used only a piano! Frydertk Chopin was born on either March 1 or February 22, 1810 in Zeluzowa Wola, Poland and died October 17, 1849 in Paris, France.

By Moose


Today I listened to a song called Waltz #18. In my opinion the piece was wonderful it sounded kind of jazzy although it was a waltz I like how the notes change from high to low. I also like how they fit together and sometimes played soft and then harder and harder. This song reminded me of suspense.

To top it off I want to say I love this piece and remember you can do the summer listening program at WOUL and listen to some of the best music ever.

By Turtle


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